Top Ajax Frameworks

List of top Ajax frameworks.

Top Ajax Frameworks

Top ajax frameworks


List of Top Ajax frameworks

In this section we are discussing the top Ajax frameworks being used for development of world class website and web applications.

These days Ajax frameworks are providing API's for Ajax functionality along with the libraries to create dynamic components such as tree, grid, calendar etc.

You can use any of these to Ajax Frameworks for developing your next application. You can easily add the Ajax support into your web application with the help of these frameworks. Without the use of Ajax framework it's very difficult to add support in the web applications. With the help of these Ajax frameworks you can add Ajax features into your web application in few minutes.

Here is the list of Top Ajax Frameworks

  1. jQuery
    The jQuery is probably most used framework on the web. We developers of all the technologies are using jQuery to add Ajax support in their web applications. There are many plugins for the jQuery, which can be downloaded and then easily integrated with the existing application.
  2. Google Web Tool kit
    The Google Web Tool kit or GWT is Ajax framework from Google. It can be downloaded from
  3. Yahoo! User Interface Library
    Collection Ajax components and library from Yahoo also known as YUI.
  4. DOJO
    The Dojo library is JavaScript library for developing Ajax applications. It provides many components such as tree, grid, combo box, calendar etc. Read DOJO tutorial at The official website of dojo framework is
  5. Direct Web Remoting
    The Direct Web Remoting or DWR for short is another JavaScript based framework. It allows the browser to interact with the Java applications running on server. It's official website url is
  6. ICEfaces
    The ICEfaces faces is J2EE based Ajax framework. Read more about ICEfaces at its official website at
  7. Richfaces
    The Richfaces is JSF Ajax library. It is used with JSF for developing RI applications.

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