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VoIP Benefits

This page discusses - VoIP Benefits

VoIP Benefits 

  1. Customers find different VoIP benefits
    Network executives who shared voice/data convergence stories at last week's VoiceCon show described VoIP as a new kind of juggling act for IT departments, one where both technical and managerial issues must be handled delicately. As companies such as American Express, Bank of America, Delta Airlines and New York Life bring voice onto their LANs and WANs, their network executives say the right processes and organizational changes made in the beginning of a project are as important as the choices of IP telephony gear, architecture and applications.
  2. VoIP - Benefits for Consumers
    With the recent increase in the popularity of consumer broadband, other technologies that depend on high bandwidth connections like VoIP have emerged catering specifically for the individual consumer. There are many advantages to VoIP that may convince consumers to switch. Current VoIP service providers offer all-inclusive calling plans that provide consumers with unlimited local, regional and long distance flat rates at costs that are significantly cheaper than PSTN services. Additionally, VoIP services include features such as name and number caller ID, call forwarding, call blocking, and voice mail as standard features. Traditional phone companies typically charge premiums for these features. Currently though, there are a number of drawbacks to personal VoIP. Firstly is the necessity of having a reliable connection, namely broadband. Though broadband is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, there are still areas in which broadband is not readily available. By extension, VoIP is not readily available to consumers without broadband. Grubesic T. 
  3. VoIP - Benefits for Business
    Despite a previous prediction by Walker (2002, 20) that businesses would be reluctant to commit en masse, to the immense cost saving of VoIP, 2004 has seen a distinct escalation of big businesses implementing VoIP. Ford Motor Cos recent purchase of 50,000 VoIP phones, according to Pappalardo D. (2004, 14) is advantageous in two ways. First, the switch to VoIP is very cost saving for a big business like Ford Motor Co. Secondly, the switch to VoIP provides better service, by way of Ford use of proprietary Cisco technology, called Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST). The technology deploys routers which detect when an IP link goes down, contacts the CallManager at the data center over the public switched telephone network and thus maintains connectivity. This significantly cuts down on lost IP connectivity downtime. Author, Blair R. (2004, 68) emphasizes the advantage of VoIP being available over an existing internet connection. 
  4. VOIP's Benefits Come with Emergency Drawbacks
    One of the problems facing new technologies is that while they may be less expensive and include new features, there often are subtle differences between it and the technology it replaces. Sometimes this causes problems - even life-or-death problems - for customers. Take Vonage, for example. Sure, its VOIP services can be a good value, if you already have the broadband anyway. But, if you pick up the VOIP phone and dial 911, you'll be in for a surprise. On the Internet, according to the saying, nobody knows you're a dog. They also don't know precisely where you're located, at least not usually. So pick up the Vonage VOIP handset, dial 911 and see what happens. Unless you've provided Vonage with the address where the service is being used, you're going to spend extra time - precious time-before you reach your local emergency responders.
  5. The VoIP Benefits
    Convergence makes it possible. RedWire provides local, long distance and data services over one dynamically managed network connection. By combining the two, you reduce costs while enjoying a superior level of service. You also can implement services over the existing Ethernet wiring in your building. Built-in Ethernet switches in Cisco VoIP telephones ensure phone and PC connectivity over a single cable and crystal clear voice calls at all times. Bring people together with RedWire's voice and web conference services available at a fraction of the cost of dedicated conference services.
  6. Famous zoo roars over VoIP benefits
    What most never realize is that those phone calls now come in over the zoo's new VoIP network. That's because the famed zoo, largely known for its beloved director emeritus "Jungle Jack" Hanna, last year deployed a 280-phone VoIP system across 400 acres using the facility's existing fiber data infrastructure. In the fall of 2003, the zoo's chief financial officer, Greg Bell, realized he had a big decision on his plate: what to do about the facility's deteriorating copper lines and antiquated telephone service. Bell said the copper dated back to the 1950s. It used an analog Centrex system to get a dial tone from the city of Columbus, had a bare-bones feature set and was costing the zoo a fortune, with the threat of city-mandated price increases constantly looming. 
  7. VoIP Benefits For Small Businesses
    Small and medium-sized businesses are rapidly adopting VoIP technologies, indicated by the fact that long-distance call volume for SMBs is on the rise, and total telecom spending is expected to continually decrease. For the increasing number of mobile connected employees, VoIP applications offer the ability to collaborate with team members, stay connected with customers, vendors and coworkers in real time - regardless of geographical location.  VoIP tools like Skype give small businesses a market advantage against larger competitors by lowering operating costs and increasing productivity with voice calls, instant conference calling, group chat, file-transfer, free toll-free calling and the recently released Skype Toolbars, which let callers make one-click calls to phone numbers directly from within Windows Outlook and Internet Explorer (Skype is available for PCs, Macs, Linux and PocketPC).
  8. VoIP features and benefits
    There are some features or benefits of Voice over internet protocol following here:-
    * VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.
    * By using the VoIP phone service you can make cheap phone calls via the Internet.
    * How does VoIP work? A phone handset can be plugged into the BPL modem instead of going through your normal telephone line.
    * Call charges are less than traditional public telephone network call rates.
    * Call TasTel BPL service to TasTel BPL service for only 5 cents untimed. It doesn?t go through any carrier exchange so you can  make cheap Internet phone calls and talk for as long as you like, because you are already paying for your Internet connection.
    * TasTel BPL is always available when you want it.


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