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VoIP Number

This page discusses - VoIP Number

VoIP Number

  1. VoIP Numbers
    With a VoIPtalk Incoming number, callers can reach you by calling a UK number no matter where you are, Simply plug in an IP Phone configured with your VoIPtalk details into your Internet connection and anyone can reach you by dialling your individual number. The VoIPtalk Incoming Number packages are cheap and flexible :
    * There are no call charges 
    * You can have as many numbers as you want assigned to your VoIPtalk account
    * Your incoming number can now reach multiple destinations at once with ThreeCall .
    * When making outgoing calls with your VoIPtalk account, your Incoming number will show up as the Caller ID so the destination can call you back.
  2. International VoIP Numbers
    Lingo, the voice-over-IP service launched earlier this year by Primus Telecommunications Inc., is taking the choose-your-own-area-code concept of Internet-based calling international. Starting Monday, Lingo subscribers can choose telephone numbers from 19 cities including London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Guatemala City, and Sydney, Australia, enabling friends and associates in those cities to call them for the price of a local call. The international numbers cost $9.95 each per month. The "universal number" feature, which allows subscribers to pick a number without regard to their actual physical location, is common to all the major VOIP providers, but Primus, with its large data network of international points of presence and intercarrier relationships, is the first to extend the concept overseas. 
  3. Local VoIP Number International cell calls
    In a somewhat-ornate process, that's what Stockholm, Sweden-based Rebtel, which kicked off three weeks ago, aims to do. The company's technology which is in beta essentially reroutes international and long-distance calls through a VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) connection. At the Rebtel site, subscribers submit their phone number, name and location. They also enter that information for the person they wish to call. Rebtel then generates local phone numbers for the caller and recipient. Here's where the process gets a little complicated. Once the subscriber has the generated "local" phone numbers, he uses his cell phone to call his local number. While he's on the line, he has his friend call her local number from a cell phone. Because the two numbers are connected through Rebtel's servers, the friends can have a VoIP conversation. 
  4. VoIP Virtual Numbers
    One of the more interesting features of VoIP are Virtual Numbers. These allow you to have multiple inbound telephone access numbers in different cities, something that is useful for businesses who want to create a ?Virtual Presence? in multiple locations, or to provide friends and family with a local number to reach you and thereby avoid long distance toll charges for them. Virtual Numbers can be routed to any number that you specify, for example you can have access numbers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston all routing through to your number in New York and no-one ever knows the difference. Most Service Providers that offer this feature charge a per-number (i.e. for each additional access number) monthly fee, usually around $5, which is a very low cost way to create that virtual presence if it?s important to you.


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