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VoIP Cable Modem

This page discusses - VoIP Cable Modem

VoIP Cable Modem

  1. Cable modem VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol transmits voice signals in real-time over the Internet or IP network using your broadband Internet connection. VoIP works by sending voice information in digital form in packets. You make and receive calls as you would on a regular phone; the only difference is that calls travel over the Internet instead of over a phone line. A number of companies offer voice over Internet protocol. Vonage is the largest in this niche industry with 260,000 phone lines running through its service. Now many cable companies are leaping into the fray by adding VoIP services to their service repertory. Cablevision Systems and Charter Communications, for example, now rely on it for all of their voice services. In their eagerness to provide multi-tiered service, Cox and Comcast offered service over the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). Although initially a network of analog telephone systems, the PSTN is now almost completely digital. 

  2. External Csble Modem w/USB,Ethernet, and VoIP
    The Ambit Cable Modem with Embedded MTA (EMTA) combines the latest technology available in the industry today. Ambit?s EMTA is based on DOCSIS 2.0 and Packet Cable technology, ensuring compliance with today?s industry standards. Rely on Ambit?s extensive experience in both DOCSIS and VoIP with millions of cable modems and MTAs deployed worldwide. The end result is a single robust device that provides high speed data and telephony service over a cable line. The U10C017 EMTA supports all the hardware features needed in a residential environment. Users can place voice and fax calls using the two RJ-11 telephone lines. PCs can connect to the Internet using USB or 10/100Base-T Ethernet port (or both simultaneously if supported by MSO). For added peace of mind, users can take advantage of the EMTA?s dual battery backup option. The EMTA supports tool-less battery installation, allowing users to install or replace the battery any time. 

  3. The VoIP Cable Modem
    The iCable System VoIP Cable Modem is a VoIP integrated Cable Modem that interfaces regular analog phones with IP networks. The VoIP Cable Modem(CBL-V201 / CBL-V202) is installed at the subscriber?s premises and supports up to two VoIP ports with its own independent phone number as well as high-speed internet through Cable networks. There are some feature  of VoIP coble Modem:-
    *DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0 Compliant
    * Top-class data transfer performance
    * Up to 42.88 Mbps downstream and up to 30.72 Mbps upstream
    * Packet Cable MGCP NCS 1.0 & IEFT MGCP 1.0 Compliant.
    * Standard RJ-45 connector for 10/100BaseT Ethernet
    * Support simultaneous voice and data communications
    * Support different CODEC: G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, G.729E, G.726, G.728
  4. VoIP Cable Modem Gateways
    The TCM-3000 is a Voice over IP Residential Gateway integrated with Cable Modem which allows you implement your VoIP phone call directly through Cable-Modem Broadband Network service with its built-in PacketCable1.1 and DOCSIS2.0 compliant specification. Equipped with two standard phone ports, TCM-3000 could easily provide end-users low-cost long-distance calling, faxing, and a host of advanced services including TCM-3000-to-Phone, Phone-to- TCM-3000, and TCM-3000-to- TCM-3000. And with the integration of both voice and data, the TCM-3000 could also be used as a Cable Modem Residential Gateway in your home or small office. The ability to route data information into your broadband network could help you easily extend your local network.
  5. VoIP Cable modem User Guide 
    you have a new Motorola SURFboard Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cable modem. It provides high-speed access to the Internet and other online services. This VoIP cable modem transmits and receives data much faster than traditional dial-up or ISDN modems. Unlike a dial-up modem, your SURFboard VoIP cable modem is always online. Just open your browser and surf. You can use your high-speed, upgradeable VoIP cable modem to connect one or more computers in your home or business to the Internet. You can connect:
    * A single computer equipped with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port directly to the USB port on the SURFboard VoIP cable modem
    * A single computer equipped with an Ethernet adapter directly to the Ethernet port on the SURFboard VoIP cable modem
    * Two computers; one to the USB port and one to the Ethernet port



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