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Web Hosting Services

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a term of getting the space on the server of any nascent company that don’t have any domain name but would like to be displays on World Wide Web, for this the company needs the domain name of the other’s company by paying some charges. This whole process is known as Web Hosting.

Web Hosting Company and Services

The company which provides the facility of web hosting to the others on the net that can be accessed from anywhere is known as web hosting service provider company, this is a paid service, so it is called Web Hosting Service. Typically a Web hosting company is specializes in hosting Web hosting services. An ISP also offers Web-hosting services.

RoseIndia: a specialized web hosting service provider company

RoseIndia is a specialist in Internet hosting service provider company that provides the web and data center space to the individual or organization to set up the internet connectivity in a minimal charges.

Why Roseindia services?

RoseIndia uses the couple of best hardware and the latest software as well as the most reliable network components, ensures us and our clients about the guaranteed success in terms of speed, performance, reliability and complete customer satisfaction. We offer WINDOWS as well as LINUX platforms to take care of all your current and future requirements.

Services of RoseIndia

RoseIndia is specialist in providing a global standard quality web hosting services with a wide range of scope. The first and most common service is web page and small-scale file hosting, where files can be uploaded through FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) or a Web interface. Then the files are delivered to the Web just like a carbon copy or sometimes with little processing. This is the cheapest web hosting services product of RoseIndia. We also offers some more complex and the most complex services including shared web hosting, high bandwidth web hosting, economic web hosting and E-Commerce web hosting plan. The price varies to every plan depending upon the complexities and the data to be stored. We also provide database support, application development platform and operating system platform e.g. e.g. PHP, Java, ASP.NET and Windows and Linux. These facilities allow the customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management.

We can proudly say that since the origin of RoseIndia, we own and operate our own web hosting facilities and network. We have all range of web hosting facilities on the reasonable prices beginning from $ 20.00 a month.

RoseIndia’s FTP Hosting Plan

We have designed our FTP hosting service for those who love high quality FTP hosting space. In this hosting, the client can use this facility to store images for online auctions, graphic files for graphic developers, downloads for software developers to share with their customers, and any other purpose that could utilize FTP. This service is basically designed for those that need huge amount of high quality bandwidth at an affordable price. Those willing to get higher speed file hosting services are most welcome on our site. We will be very pleased to serve them. We have both sort of servers Windows based as well as Linux based that ensures the clients for maximum reliability and performance. You will get the same quality network like our others web clients. If you have any sort of question regarding our FTP Hosting service. Make Communication to [email protected]

RoseIndia’s Shared Web Hosting Plan

RoseIndia.net provides three sorts of web hosting plan to different types of clients, from beginners to Advance users. RoseIndia.net has a plan named Basic Shared Web Hosting Plan for those who are building a website for the first time, besides this We have also a plan for the Web masters who need advanced features such as PHP & MySQL. This is named as named Developer Shared Web Hosting Plan. Our third plan is for the professional users who needs more storage space and monthly transactions. This plan is named as Professional Shared Hosting Plan. If you have any sort of question regarding our FTP Hosting service. Make Communication to [email protected]

Our High Bandwidth web hosting plan

Our High Bandwidth Web hosting plan is best suited to heavy traffic websites that needs large amounts of web space & data transaction without the requirement of a dedicated server. RoseIndia.net offers three high bandwidth web hosting plans to select one of them. Our first plan is to the beginners those requires 300GB or more data of monthly transaction and storage capacity up to 3GB. This is named as ProBeginner Hosting Plan and the cost is worth only $70 a month. Our second plan is to the business persons those need higher bandwidth and higher capacity of data transaction and data storage capacity simultaneously. This package provides 400 GB of data transaction and up to 4 GB of storage capacity. The name of this package is ProCommerce Hosting Plan and the cost is very reasonable, only $100 per month. The last but not the least plan of this package is ProProject Hosting Plan. This plan is for the software developers those need higher speed and higher capacity but without having a dedicated server. This plan offers 500 GB of data transaction and up to 5 GB of data storage capacity. The charges of this plan is only $150. Our all high bandwidth hosting plans are placed on Linux servers that ensures the guarantee of higher speed with maximum performance with client’s satisfaction. If you have any sort of question regarding our High Bandwidth Web Hosting service, please Communicate with us to [email protected]

RoseIndia’s Economic Web Hosting plan

RoseIndia.net is a high quality web hosting company that provides a complete range of economical web hosting services package within the range of $40 to $75 depending upon the complexities and requirement of the client. This plan allows the client to access the 50 GB to 200 GB of data transaction and 1 to 3 GB capacity of data storage. This plan is for those who want a quality standard service in minimum charges. We provides both sorts of server windows as well as Linux according to choice of the clients. This sort of service is open for all. For subscription or any query contact to: [email protected]

Except these RoseIndia.net also provides some additional package. These are:
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • E-Commerce Web Hosting
  • PHP Web Hosting
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Frontpage Web Hosting
  • Small Business Web Hosting
  • Linux Web Hosting
  • ASP Web Hosting
  • Business Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Web Hosting
  • Virtual Web Hosting
  • UNIX Web Hosting
  • MYSQL Web Hosting
  • Inexpensive, Low Cost Web Hosting
  • Windows Web Hosting
  • Web Server Hosting
  • Web Hosting Domain Name Registration
  • Professional Website Hosting
  • Website Development Hosting
  • Private Website Hosting

This is not a tailormade package. The facilities and charges depends upon the complexities of the services. So ask any one of the services by filling up the order form. For any queries and doubts, contact to our administrator on [email protected]

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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