How to Register Domain Name?

To register a domain name is the very primary and basic step to start your own website. Here you will find importance and all relevant steps of registering a domain name.

In a time when web presence and web identity is increasingly becoming a crucial attribute to any organization, individual, company or any business or other establishments to register a domain name and having your own web presence is a crucial part of your web activities. Today like the erstwhile importance of having an electronic address or mail address or individual mobile phone number a own personally owned website is even aspired by millions of people who have anything to offer as a service or product over the web. For business establishments and companies however small or local their nature of business be, it has almost become a basic prerequisite to have a website depicting their business offerings to a more wider community of buyers. To register a domain name is just the integral part of your having a web presence. Let us see various technical attributes in regard to registering your own domain name.

Why it is important to have a domain name?

To register a domain name has many significances, most importantly a domain name just works as your essential web identity. Just think if you even change your residential address obviously your name and identity does not change, similarly even if you change your web host, your domain name does not change and in case of host change your traffic is directed to your domain with the new host. This is the primary importance of having a domain name. Secondly having a domain name that perfectly tells the web traffic about the nature of your business or organizational objective or interest area is easily remembered and generates more traffic.

Simple steps to register a domain name

There are few simple steps to register a domain name that any individual or organization can follow. Here are those steps:

  1. Choosing a domain name of your choice
  2. Though choosing your domain name looks much easier it often takes much more time than you envisaged, particularly because of the constraint of availability. Your domain name of choice might have already taken or available only at a premium price in a domain name sale out auction. So it is advisable to choose at least 5 to 10 options close to your preferred domain name and thus you can have a better chance of availability of your domain name of choice. There are several big names to cater you both online and over the phone to register a domain name and they always provide an array of possible choices besides informing you about the availability of your.

  3. Paying for the domain name
  4. Now paying for the domain name you have just chosen is the next step. You either can pay through Paypal account or through your credit card online. Some companies even would let you pay through your regular online banking option using debit card or fund transfer. According to the availability you can choose from any of the payment options.

  5. Hosting your domain name by a professional web hosting company
  6. Third and most important step to register a domain name is to having a web hosting service to park your domain name there. Several big companies who provide domain name also provide web hosting services. Most of the register companies park the domain name automatically to their site and even additionally offers a mail address or .info package. For bigger and dedicated hosting space with more server space you have to separately enquiry and pay to the web hosting service provider after you registered your domain name.

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