What is Web Graphics

Web graphics in any websites is as significant as the content of the site.

What is Web Graphics

Web graphics in any websites is as significant as the content of the site. An excellent designed graphics can give better and creative ideas to customer of what they are looking for. Web graphics helps designers to enhance the website design by adding colors, visual appeals and helps in providing artistic professional touch to their creativity. The websites that don’t have web graphics don’t appeal to visitors. Successes of web graphics depend upon the effective and efficient placement on the websites. The appropriate placement of graphics not only attracts end-users but also makes website well turned-out.

The appropriate use of Photoshop, Flash, Dream weaver and Fireworks tools assist in designing and creating unique graphics. These professionally created graphics reflects the creativity of web designer and enhances the website quality. Usually, graphics are used for explaining things and ideas that are not expressed by words. For instance shopping and e-commerce website uses great deal of graphics so as to illustrate their products pictures.

The pictorial language of anything gives details of particular products and easily understands by people. The related graphics of products simplifies the content and helps in easy interpretation.  Suppose, if you have product descriptions on your web site, you should have the related graphic depiction next to them. It is better to use logos, cartoons, graphs and charts where they make a reasonable sense.

Basics Tips of Graphic design are:

  • Clarity in web page: In a clear web design the things should be placed according to their importance so that the related things must look relevant with the content.

  • Imagery: Image plays vital role in web designing so it is advisable to try the level best to use an appropriate image for best impact on the visitors.

  • Color: Every color has its own language. Colors and its combinations stimulate people’s interest in different things. That’s why colour combination is also very important aspects of web designing. Without colours web pages look dull and unattractive. While using balanced colour scheme web pages can look attractive, dynamic and inviting to users.

  • Color Contrast:  It is very important to use adequate colour contrast between text and background. So it is necessary to use colour contrast relevant and must be according to the nature of website and graphics used. The appropriate use of colour contrast gives a pleasing look and appeal to websites.

  • Readability: Font sizes used in website plays vital role and work as great differentiators. The font size depicts something important or a new section. It is suggested to use sans-serif face for all body copy. Through using underlines, bold and italics important things can be emphasized but use them in sparing fashion.

  • Effective text: HTML text is used more often in web designing. It is more effective then the other graphic word. In the web environment, text has enormous strengths. In many situations using text delivers far better results than graphics.

  • Page Layout: The way elements are arranged on screen carries lots of meaning that we interpret when decoding web pages. The relative position implies relationships on lots of different levels. So it is necessary to take extreme provision while creating page layouts. The sequencing of contents, graphics and images play important in conveying messages regarding products and services.
  • Alignment: Alignment should have to directly visible on web pages. It looks clear and easily visible. Left-aligned text is easier to read than right-aligned text. So, while web designing it is suggested to follow web alignment standard.

  • 3D Effect on the graphic design: 3D creates a sense of space between different text and elements. 3-D illusion effects are powerful mode that can achieve great results. They can also be adding to overall page file size.

  • Navigation Buttons: Navigation buttons help the visitors to navigate through web site. The navigation button should be placed on the top of the page under company logo or down the left side. If it is difficult to find links visitors get irritated as they will not be able to access the information they were looking for in website.

All these information are important and they must be followed during graphic design. All graphic images on your web site should match in color, typeface, and special effects. You can use graphics in many of the ways on your web site. You can use them as markers, as links, as a branding mode and also as headings. These all make marketing website in an easy way. Therefore using graphic designs in site will improve your web site and helps in magnetize your visitors or customer.

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