What is Mobile Website

What is Mobile Website

Mobile websites are specially designed for viewing mobile contents on Mobile Phones. Earlier websites were seen only on computers that contained large screens for viewing, and logical computational power & higher Internet speed. But mobile phones are smaller in screens and less powerful than a computer. The Internet connection used in mobile phones has also very slower speed. So websites for computers cannot function well on mobile phones, it needs a special structure for mobile phones and for running on mobile phone; there is the need to create special websites for mobile phones.

Mobile web browsing is being very popular and widely accepted due to widespread proliferation of iPhones and other mobile appliances with surf-friendly interfaces. As a result mobile websites are being more important to offer a mobile-friendly alternative to current website. The mobile site can be accessed by BlackBerry, iPhone, Treo, Smart phones, WAP phones, iPod Touch and most PDAs with various operating systems and wireless Internet connections.

Nowadays web access has become very important no matter from where you are accessing the net. The ability of your customers to access your site depends upon the convenience of retrieving the site that plays a vital role in World Wide Web. Making your site user friendly as possible as you can on a computer is one thing while making sure that your site is available from a mobile platform is another.

The mobile website is a new sphere of online technology that has its own rules to follow, which distinctly differ from the .com standard. Roseindia Technologies is a specialized company in designing and developing of mobile websites.

We provide most affordable priced opportunities to increase the reach of your business through mobile website. Our mobile web designer develops specific packages based on the need and demands of your business. While developing mobile website our proficient web developers try to amalgamate every single element that can make your services and products most sellable to your customer. The mobile website we develop is simple but attractive and has enough potential to attract end-users towards your product and services.
Mobiles sites develops by us offers you a comprehensive set of features that help to create a complete standards compliant mobile website, which include:

  • No technical knowledge required
  • No software to download or install
  • Different attractive designs
  • Creates standards compliant mobile sites
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Perfect score of 5/5 on the MobiReady Report

Business website cannot afford to ignore the changing technology. Having a substandard mobile face can harm business and insist potential customers to move on to a more available site. On the other hand, business and sites with interactive mobile websites can exclusively market to mobile users by optimizing content that help them in maintaining and building their brand.


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