What is E-Commerce Web Design

What is E-Commerce Web Design

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is the paperless exchange of business information via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Internet related technologies. In recent times E Commerce emerged as one of the most important features of Internet. E-Commerce is a process that involves conducting of business via Internet with the help of computers that are linked each other forming a network. Through E Commerce we can do Internet shopping, online stocking, bond transactions, download and sell software, documents, graphics, music, etc. and business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

The digital communication revolutionizes the pattern of business through out the world.  With the help of E-Commerce one can do business globally. Nowadays business houses, organizations and individuals can offer their services and products for global customers. Onsite presentation and placement of products help end-users to know about the offerings and services provided by an organization, and the paperless, on demand and timeless transaction helps both service providers and end-users.

The notion of e-commerce is using the Internet to do business in better and faster manner. It is all about providing customers to access your computer systems and allowing people to surf themselves based on their demand. It is the way for the consumers to communicate with any company’s computer systems without human intervention.

The Internet has created virtual marketplace through e-commerce and facilitated buyers in picking or exchanging of goods or services quickly and conveniently both regionally and globally. Today, e-commerce has grown into a huge industry.

Following are the benefits of e-commerce:

  • Reduce Production Cost by Replacing paper-based business operations

  • Better Information System with Faster data retrieval rate

  • Better Management System within organization as it have central database for different departments of the company

  • Better Management System across different organizations due to data exchanges and transactions between different organizations from suppliers to customers

  • Better Business Strategies as it extends the business to cover more customers

E-Commerce helps you to give your business a global advantage by adding several advantageous features. Some of the predominant e-commerce features are listed below:  

  • Add unlimited products simply & easily: Easy to use web based interface allows you to enter product details and upload multiple images, as well as product categories, and advanced product features such as size, colour, version etc on any product.

  •  Built in stock control system: Option to add stock levels for each product, so system can keep track and advise you of low stock levels.

  • Stores full customer details: Keep track of customer orders, view order history, email them directly, enter the status of their order etc.

  •  Automatic order confirmation: Customers will be automatically emailed with confirmation of their order.

  • Email Marketing Function: Really increase your sales using email notifications, special offers and newsletters to get repeat “back end “ sales at the click of a button, thanks to built in newsletter facility.

  • Works with any payment processor: Our system will work with just about any payment processor you want - from Paypal to Worldpay, high street bank merchant accounts, Google checkout and many more. You can even have more than one - just let the customer decide which to use.
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