Types of GPS systems

Types of GPS systems

GPS systems have brought a new dimension to the way we communicate. Tracking objects like vehicles and mobiles has been made very easy. Now, there are many types of GPS systems. Below, we are going to have a look on some of them.

Basic Units

Any kind of system or architecture has certain basic units, so does GPS. In case of GPS it is a receiver with very few features. A basic unit can has a considerable price as compared to rest of the components. The function of pinpointing the location in respect to the latitude and longitude is done by the basic unit components.

A map with diverse features like displaying major highways and detailed road structure in a region is a must. Basic units have a small processor and memory capacity. People looking for some cheap deal can buy these systems. The might want to use GPS for basic tracking, educational activities and fun.

Sports GPS systems and watches

Are you a sports enthusiast or an athlete? Well, there are types of GPS systems apt for you. These units can be worn in the wrist like watches.. There are also systems specifically designed for marine conditions. Apart from that, there are many features incorporated like heart rate check screen, lap/racing timers, calorie count monitors, and many other software based applications that are sophisticated and provide a high-end service.

Portable Units

As the name suggest, these are portable systems and easy to carry. They have a small screen and a map that corresponds to a small region instead of a large part of the globe. These systems are cheap and effective for in-town activities or tracking nearby objects

Some portable units also have features like embedded MP3 player, radio and image viewing capability.

Vehicle tracking systems

A Vehicle tracking is used to locate the vehicles in a region. It is most useful for security purpose. Stolen cars with GPS installed can be easily tracked and returned to its owners. In cars, it is basically computer software installed at least at one operational base to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Vehicle monitoring System allows a party to track, trace and monitor its vehicles in real time.

Mobile tracking systems

Mobile tracking is also provided by the GPS technology. GPS in combination with radio signals, map and Internet technology helps in tracking down the phones. Mobile Tracking System allows us to track, trace and monitor mobile phones in real time using the GSM/GPRS technology by gathering data in the process about the mobile phone.


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