Tips to Install GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking system follows a highly advance technology and in most of the cases you need to follow some instructions in order to install a perfect GPS tracking device in your vehicle. These tips can help you to get the best result out of your GPS tracking device and enjoy the best and interrupted services.

Some common GPS Installation Tips:

  • Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. This makes your installation easier and less complicated.
  • Purchase all Inventory parts on receipt. This will help you to claim for damage or missing components.
  • It is recommended to use a 3 to 5-amp in-line fuse. This protects the unit from damage and also prevents the damages that are not covered under warranty.
  • Try to install real-time units as soon as possible as the real-time billing starts immediately within 14-days of the delivery of the units.
  • Always use the serial number zip tie to identify tampering issues.
  • Avoid using wire nuts, as they can be easily disconnected. Instead of that it is recommended to use poke and wrap for the connection.
  • It is highly recommended to use a multi-meter to find the connection wires.
  • The wires should not be pinched or repeatedly closed in the door.
  • Never place the antenna in the arc of the wipers or behind tinting the of the vehicle as they may contain metal in it.
  • Install GPS unit behind the radio or near the steering column. Do not connect to radio wiring.
  • Make sure that the ignition wire of the GPS unit gets a continuous supply of 12v power even when the ignition is off by testing with a multi-meter. The power should me monitored while starting the vehicle as well as when you shout down the power. The power supply should not get below 9 volts or it may cause problem with the GPS system.
  • You should have a good ground good ground secured with a screw.
  • Make sure that the GPS antenna is not covered with a metal cover.
  • The best location for the cellular and GPS antenna to gain the superior quality of service is on the windshield your vehicle.
  • Make sure that the direction of the Antenna is appropriate. It should be facing up and laying as flat as possible. Use 3M automotive tape or zip ties to fix them.
  • Fix the antenna inside the dash as such they don't get shifted with time taht can create a communication issue.
  • Always check that the GPS system is functioning properly before closing up the dash. Go through the lights, tones, on-line display or sample data depending on system.
  • Don't tap into wires as it can harm the safety of the vehicle such as an airbag wire. For this steering columns are the best option.
  • Lastly, if you have any doubt, just consult a GPS installation provider for proper installation.

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