Global Positioning System advantages and disadvantages

Global Positioning System advantages and disadvantages

Every coin has two sides. The same rule applies to the GPS systems. GPS systems is a latest technological leap taken, which has brought new features to the communication technology. It has many advantages when it comes to tracking things like cars and mobiles or knowing directions while travelling. It is an apt answer to the security concerns we are facing increasingly in today?s age. Cars are stolen and with GPS systems, they can well be traced and returned to the user. Apart from that, GPS can be installed in mobile phones and it again proves to be a huge assistance.

However, it should also be added that it does come with a package of things, which make this technology imperfect. There are certain things, which are not the way they should be and that is where it proves to be a hindrance.

First of all, let us see what are the advantages of GPS systems.

Advantages of Global Positioning Systems

This satellite based navigation system is an important tool for military, civil and commercial users. Vehicle tracking systems helps in reducing the expenses by referencing customers who do not realize the risks of high speed and importance of fuel. By evaluation and identifying these drivers, lot of energy can be saves by reducing the fuel consumption. The low reading on speed meter also ensures fewer accidents.

Servicing and marinating vehicles requires a lot of time and money. GPS systems help in saving the end costs when it comes to this.

Corporate can also reap the advantages of Global Positioning systems. They can keep a check on the productivity of their employees and company as a whole using the GPS technology. They can monitor employees on an individual basis, like their work timings and break timings. Thus, it is a highly useful tool to keep a record of the performance of anyone in the firm.

Any system needs database and software and so does the Global positioning system. These are two most handy components of the system.. The location information and the coordinates of every point visited are stored in a database.

GPS systems can very well increase the resale value of vehicles. It can do that because it can help us know that when our car has to be serviced. We don?t carry the nags and faults forward, because we know when a problem occurs. We correct it on the right time and save our vehicle from being damaged in its entirety.


Price of the system is a major concern. GPS systems cost a high amount if they have lots of features. Thus keeping that in mind is very important. If you do not want to spend too much, you will have to do with lesser features.

Accuracy is again an issue. The systems are not always updated, so we do not know when a road has been closed or when a new road has been opened. The updating comes across as a major hindrance

These systems rely on batteries. Once the battery is drained out, the system does not work.


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