Global positioning system issues

Global positioning system issues

Global positioning system has evolved to be a very useful device for tracking and locating objects or directions. Whilst, there are heaps of advantages of a GPS system, but like all good things, it does have its share of disadvantages as well. Here, we discuss the same.

Price of the system

Cost has to be the biggest downslide to GPS systems. GPS systems are expensive and ask you to pay a bomb unless you are willing to make compromises of features you want to have in the GPSA device you have bought. The more features you want, the more money it is going to cost you.

Poor reception in unfavourable conditions

GPS devices are restricted to satellite signals that provide the facility of tracking an object?s location. A place with tall buildings or unfavourable weather, one cannot be sure of the quality of reception.


One more disadvantages regarding its dependence to satellite signals is that it receives signals through radio, thus making it susceptible to weapons EMP, interference of signals or failed signals.


Accuracy has always been an issue when it comes to figuring out or evaluating something based on radio signals. Maps on GPS devices are not updated in real time for all kinds of models. That implies that a GPS device might reference a road or a path, which has been closed and no longer exists now. Conversely, it might not be having a record of new roads.

Despite that, people who buy cheap GPS devices, find out that their devices are not providing accurate information. There is a minor error sometimes.


There are issues with the way directions are provided. All GPS devices do not give a detail of turn-by-turn directions. Some devices very abruptly tell the drier about a turn and there are chances that driver might miss that turn.

Dependence on Battery power

GPS units do not run by power, they instead run on batteries. Batteries can drain out and once they are dead, there is nothing one can do. This also has a significant effect on the cost of the whole system.

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