Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking

There is a huge pressure on the logistics companies to deliver the goods well in time to retain the prestige of their brand in the market. To maintain the brand image, the corporate companies work hard.

But, to improve the fleet efficiency, logistics companies need the real time fleet management solution. The real time fleet tracking solution helps the companies to exactly pin pointing the vehicles in the way. Moreover, the equipments are equipped with two-way communication hardware that enables the driver and operations cell to establish real time two-way communication.

The two-way communication between the drivers and the control room allows them to improve the fleet service and adopt the shorter, smoother and safest way to reach to the destination to deliver to the product within time limit.

RoseIndia's tracking system is a perfect solution for perfect fleet management with greater efficiencies while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. Our fleet tracking has essential tools for making every vehicle more effective in low budget allowing the companies to invest their money in other fields.

Roseindia's Fleet Management Solutions provides comprehensive and cost effective mobile vehicle tracking and management tools that provide complete return of your investment mostly within one year.

The upgraded version of Roseindia's fleet management solution has come up with smarter features including user friendly and customizable screen display with easily recognizable icons, multi viewed tiled mapping, multiple vehicle playback, improved dashboard display, more accurate satellite navigation, more accurate route mapping and pathways and higher capacity of containing history.

Our improved two-way communication between drivers and operators enhances the efficiency of fleet as this allows them to take quick, shared and effective decision within few minutes that saves fuels, crucial timings, labour of drivers and drivers' wages.

These savings are the returns of the investments done by the logistics companies in installing real time GPS fleet tracking system. The biggest profits of real time GPS system is tracking the live status of the fleet and making aware the drivers from any accidents, riots and obstacles in the way to prevent the possible chances of accidents.

The corporate companies will have to pay compensation to the victims for accidents while they can also loss the invaluable life of its drivers and expensive assets of their customers.

This savings are most important for the companies that can invest this savings to the other place to boost the business of the companies' multi folds.


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