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Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based software development company offers one of best, feature rich, accurate and most reliable fleet management solution at market's best price to its customers.

Fleet management task is more than that of vehicle tracking as it includes the security of clients' assets, drivers' safety, delivering the product within time limit, avoiding vehicles from any sorts of accidents or from critical situations, managing harmony among the drivers and solving the problems that occur during moving the fleet etc..

All these are possible only because of any efficient fleet management solution that can ease the task of the fleet manager. Roseindia technologies Pvt. Ltd., which has recently entered in this field has a perfect fleet management solution that can solve the user's problem with great accuracy.

Our fleet management solution is equipped with most updated and higher technologies that can perform a series of tasks such as driver and vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, and vehicle efficiency etc.. Our solution also contains a remote controlling feature that can be used for Geo-fencing and active disabling.

Our fleet management software has huge capacity to store data that is available for both the drivers and the fleet mangers. We have developed a web-based software that does not require to install on the system but can be accessed online through any web browser.

There are several players in the market but Roseindia's fleet management service is most remarkable due to its unique features such as: keeping detailed and deep history of fleet movement, drivers behaviour, hurdles in the path and generating various kinds of reports like Ignition Reports, Distance Report, History reports, Live Tracking reports, Map Tracking reports, Detail Tracking reports, Fuel Tracking reports with Graphs, and Email and SMS Alerts etc..

Our proficient executives are passionate about leading the charge and setting the standards for the new generation of technology. We, at Roseindia enable companies to intelligently monitor and manage their businesses, with reduced risks and costs. Our product keeps our clients the market leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking business.

Roseindia's fleet management offers a unique set of solutions, designed for providing tracking, execution, management and monitoring of all assets and vehicles remotely. Our company has a classified hierarchy system and each professional performs his/her duty with great dedication and commitment.

Our prime goal is to reduce the cost of our clients and provide most scalable service that can boost their business. Our company has a set line of business rule to serve our clients with best possible efforts in order to multiply their business. We provide dedicated server, maintenance, upgradation, training, and round the clock customer care service to sort out any sorts of technical problems and to help them in extremely critical situation.

We also provide customized fleet management solution and set dedicated servers according to the need of the customer's business. Despite all these things, our charges are least in the market as we work on minimum profit.

So just fill up the quote request form of fleet management service and tell your requirements of what kind of service do you want from us in our Standard, Professional, or Enterprise versions of the Fleet management solutions.


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