.NET Programming

.NET Programming

.NET Application Development Services from Rose India

.NET framework has been developed by Microsoft Corporation and is used on most of the new Windows-based machines to run several windows programs. The Microsoft .NET framework includes coded solutions and a virtual machine for their implementation. Rose India has been using the Microsoft .NET Framework from its first release in 2002 so to deliver strong and scalable web, enterprise and desktop applications. Rose India .NET programming team has achieved firm experience in application development technologies and platforms developed by Microsoft, such as, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, .NET Remoting/Web Services, ADO.NET. Our Research & Development team pays exceptional attention to constant investigation and adoption of the latest upgrades of the .NET Framework to deliver solutions with improved presentation, business logic, information management, security and reliability.

ASP .NET Application Services and Solutions:

Rose India uses ASP .NET, which is one of the core technologies for web application development. Rose India professionals have successfully developed numerous web projects based on .NET technologies like ASP.NET, ADO.NET etc. that vary greatly in business logic and technical complexity from simple CMS-enabled websites to complex business applications. We deliver custom .NET development as well as customization and integration of third-party solutions. Following the latest .NET Framework enhancements (including .NET Framework 3.5) we employ up-to-date technologies and tools such as ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, Telerik R.A.D, Infragistics NetAdvantage and others to develop modern rich Internet applications (RIAs).

.NET Programming for Windows:

Rose India .NET development team has build up considerable experience in implementing desktop clients for Windows. Accepting the advances in the Microsoft development proposal Rose India uses new components such as Windows Communication Foundation for service-oriented application development, Windows Presentation Foundation UI system and API for user interfaces, documents and media, Windows Cardspace(for simplified and improved secure storage, accessing and sharing of personal information and Windows Workflow Foundation for task automation and workflow-enabled applications. This enables our applications developing team to combines elegant interfaces, rich user experiences, better consistency and security in order to deal with wide range of business processes.

Rose India has a talented and skilled pool of software professionals that comprises asp.net programmers, ASP programmers, PHP programmers, Ajax programmer apart from our website designers, custom website programmers and software developers that combine their resources to develop bug free applications harnessing .net, php and Ajax.

The software professionals take the advantages of .NET Framework interoperability with sources of data, applications, systems and programming languages so to choose development methods that are most suitable to our client's needs.

Following are the offerings of Rose India across the .NET framework:

  • Custom .NET Web-based Solutions Development
  • Custom .NET Desktop Applications Development
  • 3rd Party Systems Customization / Integration
  • Application Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Systems Reverse Engineering / Code Refactoring
  • Application Migration and Porting (Programming Language / Framework / Database)
  • Legacy Applications Updating / Enhancement / Performance Tuning
  • Mobile Applications Development (based on .NET Compact Framework)

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