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Business to Business or B2B applications, as they are popularly known, is one of the fastest growing e-commerce segments with total estimated sales exceeding $8 trillion. b2b applications are used by companies that sell or market their goods and services to other companies and not to the consuming public directly. Some companies harnessing B-2-B applications would include companies providing e-Commerce solutions, companies looking to sell products and services on company website and so on. Here we first elaborate on the different types of B2B applications available and the unique B2B application development solutions from Rose India and the benefits there from.

The most Common B2b Applications are:

Buy-side B2B applications: In Buy-side B2B applications the business logic is stored on the side of the procuring company. Buy side Business-2-Business applications prevent Maverick buying as they allow access to company approved e-catalogs only. This is a cost saving mechanism as maverick buying may lead to paying more for supplies just to bypass the purchasing procedures. Buy-side b2b applications also feature pre-negotiated pricing to avoid unnecessary price haggling. Rose India Buy-side B2b applications also feature a workflow for the procurement approval process thus giving you complete control over your business procurements.

Sell-side B2B applications: Sell-side B2b applications are often used by e-commerce portals that sell certain products or services online. These applications can be integrated on your personal B2B site or connect to a wider market through these sell-side B2B applications. Rose India sell-side B-2-B application provides your business with multiple options. We can develop an order entry system without a catalog, which can be integrated within your existing system through our advanced B2B technologies, or if you need we can develop an order system with integrated catalog.

Trading associate agreement B2B applications: If you find manual processing of business transactions too cumbersome, like inventory management, booking and delivery status, logistics management then we trading agreement B2B applications can automate these processes thus saving you unneeded hassle and paperwork. Rose India trading partner B2B applications can automate all your purchasing and negotiation processes dealing as part of your trading agreements. Automating these contracts and processes streamlines your business processes like supply side mechanisms and thus adds to overall organizational efficiencies.

E-marketplace B2B applications:

B2B applications meant for an e-marketplace enable both service providers and buyers of different businesses to connect to each other and carry out their business transactions on the intermediary online marketplace. Such e-marketplace b2b applications support many types of features like e?auctions, reverse auctions and online exchanges. Rose India e-auction B2B applications connect one seller with many bidders whereas our reverse auction B2b applications connect a single buyer with multiple vendors. If you want a floating marketplace where the price fluctuates on basis of supply and demand factors then we can accordingly develop a custom exchange-based B2B application for you.

B2B and the Economy

Custom B2B applications development services are in great demand worldwide owing to their tremendous revenue earning potentialities. A Gartner Group survey estimates that the B2B applications industry is worth more than $7 trillion and growing. It further advises to adopt B2B technologies sooner than later so as to leverage its complete benefits and avoid missing the b2b bus. Also, B2B solutions are not always adopted voluntarily and often the suppliers or buyers may push an enterprise to seek B-2-B solutions. B2b softwares allow companies to integrate many of their processes like accounting, billing, catalog management and so on. Not only does this save valuable expenditure on staff but also lets you concentrate on your core competencies more effectively.

Rose India B2B Solutions will provide you the following Benefits:

  • Single point customer info making it easier to market your products and services and provide reliable customer support.
  •  We increase your supply-chain efficiencies manifold by lowering the overhead costs, streamlining business processes, reducing process errors through real time information exchange.
  • Our custom b2b applications enable you to maximize returns on your investment through revenue maximization, better customer services, increasing your online visibility and many other benefits.

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