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Custom Application development requires not just commitment and skills but more importantly, vision. A vision to analyse the client?s requirements from the outsourced software development project and the associated software development roadmap.

Software Application Development

Custom Application Development Outsourcing Services

Custom Application development requires not just commitment and skills but more importantly, vision. A vision to analyse the client's requirements from the outsourced software development project and the associated software development roadmap. Rose India believes no application development outsourcing can be successful if these essential requirements are not met and before beginning any application development outsourcing project we develop its broad outlines and the development lifecycle to ensure the custom application's success in meeting out client's needs.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Methodology:

The skilled professionals at Rose India comprise of experienced programmers, web designers and custom software testers who follow our rigorous six step SDLC methodology to ensure high quality of all our application development services.

Our custom software development process begins by project planning. In this stage the client's needs and resources required for the software application are assessed and work groups are planned accordingly. After the initial roadmap our Project Manager decide the technology platform to be adopted for the development of the custom software application and the milestones involved. The project is then broken down into parts and each part is then assigned to a specialist application development team.

After each team completes the required programming the project manager checks the application segment and developed and other programmers test the custom application for consistency before the testing team takes over. The testers employ the latest and comprehensive testing technologies available and the custom software application is tested on different platforms and frameworks to ensure reliability, speed and scalability of your outsourced software application development project.

At Rose India we are not satisfied unless our clients are completely satisfied with our custom software application development services. To ensure this we have round the clock Instant Support team comprising skilled and competent professionals to immediately solve any query that may arise. Our post-development support is one of the best in the application development industry.

Ensuring High Quality of all Software Application Development Projects:

Consistently ensuring high quality of all our software development services is not just an objective rather, a way of life at Rose India. We deliver optimum quality of all our application development services and solutions by rigorously following quality processes like vTiger and We have successfully harnessed the benefits of both the quality processes to ensure that your final custom application fulfills its functionalities in all its respects with the least errors and bugs. And errors, if any, are quickly resolved by our support team. Rose India also follows the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach for all our software application development services to build long-lasting and healthy relationships with our clients. We believe in complete transparency in the software development process and our clients are kept involved at all stages of the software development lifecycle to ensure the success of your custom application development projects.

Wide Range of Technology Specializations:

are not limited by any technology domain or framework rather our expertise spans all of them. We have years of experience in both software and hardware technologies to deliver integrated solutions for any type of need in the most cost-effective manner.

Rose India provides the following custom software application development services:

  • Web Development Services
  • Web Application Development
  • Managed IT Services
  • Custom Software Development
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Content Development
  • News Portal Development Services
  • Flash Development
  • Flex Development
  • Web marketing Product Development
  •  Application Testing
  • Application Maintenance
  • Game Development
  • Database Administration
  • Database Migration
  • Offshore Staffing
  • Agile Software Development
  • Rapid application development and deployment
  • Multimedia Development
  • System Programming
  • Embedded Development
  • Custom Applications
  • Enterprise Application Development

We provide fully customized software solutions for all types of industries whether Health, Travel, Hospitality, Telecom, Retail, Education, Manufacturing and GPS Tracking Industry. All these industries can benefit immensely from our technology expertise that involves delivering quality custom developed applications in the quickest time possible.

We also provide IT solutions in the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Capital Market
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • E-Governance
  • Video Conferencing
  • E-Commerce Business Process Outsourcing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Workflow application

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