Writing Articles for People and Search Engines

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Writing Articles for People and Search Engines

Are you confused about the fact that whether you should serve your customers and expect gradual and timely benefits or if it is more important to target the search engine page ranking?

SEO articles can be effective only if they are capable of delivering the required information to search engines and also to humans. Amongst the many challenges faced by SEO writers while writing SEO articles, the prime ones can be considered to be:

  • Satisfying the keyword appetite of search engines.

  • Providing informative content so that readers can get maximum knowledge and benefits out of your articles.

Content Is Important!

Both these criteria are important as if you target the fulfillment of only one of them then you might be risking huge loses due to the other. For e.g. if you are writing content which has high keyword density for enticing search engines but if the content is full of repetitions and is low on information then readers will soon abandon your website. Though keyword dense articles help you in achieving good page ranking but to maintain this ranking and improve your sales, your website has to have content which will be beneficial to the reader and will evoke interest and curiosity in him/her for trying your company's services and products. The content should be presented in a coherent, organized and informative manner. An article having irrelevant content and unnecessary stuffing of keywords will totally lose its appeal and this will result in the formation of a negative impression in the reader's mind about the website.

Keyword Density Improvisation:

The best thing which can be done while writing content that is required to contain high keyword density is that you first need to simply create the article; While doing this, you are required to be aware of the required keywords. In that case, you will be able to concentrate on the writing mechanics like engaging readers, making smooth transition between individual content points and presenting information. After drafting one or two copies like this, you can verify your usage of keywords and analyze their density.

Keyword density can be increased by making use of pronouns as less number of times as possible. There is one more way of increasing density which is a bit offset from the regular good writing rules. Whenever a work is polished or edited prior to publication by editors and writers, they try to get rid of unnecessary wordiness as it clutters composition and takes the focus of the content away from its main point. However, while writing SEO articles, extra keywords can be packed into the content by using prepositional phrases which are not really required. For e.g. consider the following two instances where search engine will be our keyword phrase:

  • Original – Search engine helps in providing an excellent system to people for finding information on the web.

  • Modified – Search engine helps in providing an excellent system through its software of search engine to people for finding information on the web.

Final Word:

With techniques that are even-handed, SEO writers are able to produce content which is appealing to humans while at the same time attractive to search engines with proper selection of keywords. Stuffing keywords unnecessarily into the content and making no efforts for blending it with the content's natural flow of words is counterproductive. If on clicking your website in search engine results, readers get disappointed with its content then it will harm your ranking and business. Only achieving a good search engine page ranking is not enough as it also important to provide content in your SEO articles such that the readers get impressed. Only then can you claim of winning the entire battle.

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