Writing Articles Optimized For Search Engines

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Writing Articles Optimized For Search Engines

Optimizing our articles for search engines is an important requirement for increasing its readership and success probabilities. Articles, which are rich in keywords and content, help in generating increased traffic to our websites. Search engines prefer fresh, focused and original content.

Many article writers are found to be afraid of spamming keywords into their article but by doing this they are risking their article's success probabilities. Non-optimized articles have a paltry chance of being found b surfers looking for information to help them solve their challenges and problems. Hence, article authors must reprogram their mind for writing SEO articles.

Keyword research is the most important factor of writing SEO articles. Without relevant keyword phrases or keywords, the articles lose their focus and will no more benefit your web traffic, surfers or ranking. Relevant articles which are rich in keywords are equally beneficial to authors, web surfers as well as article's page ranking. Articles are treated as individual web pages by search engines. Each article is an advertising medium for the author of the article who positions himself as a problem solver or expert in some targeted niche. He will succeed only if the articles are optimized for search engine so that more people can find it due to its higher page ranking. This will lead to increased traffic, more lead generation and greater chances of making money.

Information Marketing:

Authoring articles is the same as information marketing. Hence, learn to identify yourself as some information marketer instead of an article writer as mostly not authors but information marketers make money by writing SEO articles.


Couple of keywords should be selected for being optimized in your article while for the remaining key phrases you should use their synonyms. Search engines look for keywords, keyword density, keyword popularity and keyword placement for ranking your optimized articles. SEO articles are focused and rich in keywords and generally have 350-700 words with the keywords constituting about 10% of it. Focused content further helps in improving your page ranking.

Headlines must be carefully selected for SEO articles as they are the first thing to be picked up by search engines. Work hard for crafting your headlines containing atleast a couple of targeted keywords. Stop phrases such as and, a, of, the and because must be possibly removed as they are not indexed by search engines. H1 tag should be used for title fonts, which mean that the letters in the title should be the biggest. H2 tag, next in size, should be used for sub titles and sub headings inside the SEO article body. These tags are often termed as paragraph or scan breakers as people mostly just scan and not read articles due to shortage of time, especially if the articles are long.

The initial two sentences of your SEO article should also preferably contain keyword phrases and keywords. Other than this, try to include a minimum of one keyword in all the subsequent paragraphs of your SEO article. Synonyms can be used in place of keywords for providing a dynamic, natural and creative look.

The summary or conclusion at the article's end should also have keyword relevance as required by search engines. The resource box of SEO articles can be used as your USP as well as for marketing promotions for search engines. Author's bio should also be written relevant to search engine requirements. Anchor texts must be used instead of using URL's directly in the author's bio as anchor texts inform search engines about the keyword direction and relevance in a greater way. Articles can also be submitted in blogs before article directories if you desire deep links.

So, are you optimizing articles or not?

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