Writing Articles to Increase Your Page Ranking ? Best Online SEO Tips by SEO Company from India

writing articles to increase your page ranking ? best online seo tips by seo company from india

Writing Articles to Increase Your Page Ranking – It's A Past Thing Now

So, do you harbor a desire of being a SEO guru? Well, first of all you should understand that change is inevitable and especially on the online business scene, it occurs extremely rapidly. Look at the case of Web 2.0. Soon after the launch of Web 2.0, talks were already abuzz that Web 3.0 was on its way too. SEO was considered to be dead but this was far from the truth according to online pundits who considered it to be alive as well as kicking. Professionals were changing hats in a state of panic. There were marketers of the white hat type, black hat type, SEO's of the grey hat type and so on.

The questions that commonly pop up in all budding SEO gurus are:

  • What makes keyword density so much important?

  • Is content the most important thing of an article?

At times it may be a PPC campaign while at other times it may be organic ranking generated through various blogging links which may score over PPC campaign in the marketing specialist's preferences. Today, one more thing has come up. It's the articles. It can get really difficult to keep your perspectives straight when so much is going around you.

Nowadays, it has become really difficult to keep ourselves updated about the latest buzz words. It may happen that after optimizing your website for increasing its Google page ranking, you may come to know the next instant that the rules have again been changed by Google. What can be done in such a case? If you try to get too much into the jargon and rules concerned with SEO marketing, you may unnecessarily get entangled in all of that and lose your vision from the real target risking your page ranking and business anyway.

Content Importance:

Content is and will always remain to be the king of article marketing. Writing just for the sake of SEO will not do you a lot of good in the long run and ignoring it will also bring no benefits to you. Good content quality has the capability of helping you in several ways. It will be helpful in generating increased traffic towards your website as well as improving your page ranking in Yahoo! as well as Google search engines. Keywords form an important part of a good content and if they are not used enough; it may damage your page ranking.

Spider Bots:

Understanding the working of the spider bots of search engines will be helpful in succeeding in your endeavor of finding a top page ranking. You can also hire professionals, buy books or get yourselves enrolled in some course for this purpose. Long tail must also be focused upon which means targeting more than only the topmost 3 keywords. Only then you can find yourself within the first 2 pages of search engine results as readers usually don't care to go ahead than that.

Final Word:

Nowadays, it has become very important to offer good content as well as take care of SEO if you want to be an achiever in the page ranking as well as in the business, which would require your audience to buy services and products from you. Blogging and forum participation can also be extremely effective in improving our PR. Hence, it will be a good idea for seasoned SEO article writers to take a short break from SEO articles and concentrate on something new. SEO strategy can be diversified a little for this purpose. Social book tagging and marking are other useful SEO strategies for improving your sales, ranking and readership.

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