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SEO Copywriting Tips

Are you interested in knowing the concepts of SEO copywriting? What exactly do you understand by SEO copywriting?

The technique of SEO copywriting or professional copywriting is also referred to as writing article for the sake of search engine page rankings. SEO copywriting is a fresh writing concept implying the writing of web-friendly content articles. SEO copywriting can be considered to be as a process of re-writing existing articles which have been creatively written previously. In simple terms, SEO copywriting can be said as writing keyword based articles. But this does not imply that SEO copywriting is merely concerned with attempting to place several disjointed keywords into some article copy for making it eligible of achieving high search engine page ranking. Search engines such as Yahoo and Google do not consider article copies which are unnecessarily spammed with keywords. Keyword stuffed contents are not considered by search engines for providing page rankings. Hence, utmost care should be taken about the keyword density of the content in your articles while your SEO copywriting work is still at the planning stage.

SEO copywriting can be differentiated from other types of copywriting on the basis that SEO articles are written for human surfers and search engines alike. Though a bit complicated, SEO copywriting of article copies can be done professionally by following a few tips:

  • Understand Your Keywords:
    Even before you start writing SEO articles, you should properly understand your keywords. If you have knowledge about the keyword phrases which you will be required to strategically include in the article copies for optimizing your webpage, the task of SEO copywriting becomes comparatively easier. While writing SEO articles try to include keywords and keyword phrases throughout the article body and don't limit them in the copy's first paragraph only with the focus being on just a couple of primary keywords.

  • Keyword Phrase Frequency :
    For making your copy eligible of achieving good sales as well as search engine's attention, you should include keywords and keyword phrases for some required number of times in the copy. While doing this, always remember to avoid forcing keywords in the content of your copy. Hence, deciding the optimum keyword frequency is an important element of planning for SEO copywriting.

  • Text-Length Must Be Optimized On Your Page:
    You should preferably have sufficient amount of text on the home page of your website as well as on other significant section pages. Search engines prefer to see text of about 250-500 words on the webpage for assessing the relevance of its keywords. It is extremely important to include your vital keywords at the webpage's beginning text as search engines may sometimes not go deep into the content of your webpage. Search engines are unable to read images. Hence, you should try to avoid the placement of links in the images on your webpage.

  • SEO Copywriting With The Help Of CSS:
    CSS is a language for style sheets allowing us to inform the browsers on how they should present our webpage. CSS is useful in controlling text formatting for maintaining the required visual appeal for signifying the text which is placed in headings. This helps in separating the document's presentation style from the webpage content which simplifies the task of site maintenance. Manipulating the spacing, font, margin, color, border, etc. are a part of the work of CSS.

  • Meta-Tags SEO Copywriting:
    Meta-tags help in communicating information to search engine spider bots for indexing purposes. Meta-tags (keywords, description, and title) can be easily manipulated by webmasters which has reduced their importance. Tools for generating meta-tags automatically are also available.

Hence, SEO copywriting is an effective Internet marketing tool.

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