Change Is Constant In SEO Article Writing

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Change Is Constant In SEO Article Writing

Like the punch line of Microsoft says, “Change is inevitable”, technological world is indeed a place where if anything is constant, its change. Internet marketing has become the most sought after marketing technique in today's cyber age. Even, it cannot stay untouched by the ever-changing developments in online marketing.

Writing SEO articles is the best Internet marketing tool by far. But, you must learn to quickly adapt with changes if you are ambitious about becoming a SEO guru. For providing instances of changes in SEO, the thing which comes primarily to our mind is the introduction of Web 2.0. As if this wasn't enough, soon after this introduction, announcement of Web 3.0 getting launched was made. At this point SEO was considered to be dead but according to online pundits, SEO still manifested itself in the form of black hat online marketers, Long Tail, white hat online marketers and grey hat optimization of search engines. People were changing hats in a state of panic. They were trying desperately to find answers to questions such as:

  • Why content is important?

  • What is important amongst PPC campaign and organic ranking? Organic ranking was achieved in search engines by blogging links as well as articles.

  • What difference does keyword density make in improving your sales?

It indeed looks to be an extremely confusing situation when the SEO writers had to consider all these things. Maintaining focus on only one thing wasn't easy at all. In today's context, difficulties have changed. It has become extremely important to keep yourselves updated with all the developments in the field of online marketing for being able to match up with today's buzz words. You can never tell when you might be facing yet another change. For e.g. after optimizing your website, it might happen that you will have to re-optimize it again due to the sudden change of rules by Google. What can be done?

Try to stay away from all the technical SEO marketing jargon and rules and instead just focus on achieving good page ranking and improving business. Irrespective of any change, content will always be the most important factor. Writing articles only for SEO will never bring you any major benefits whereas ignoring it will do you no good either. You should always avoid stuffing of keywords unnecessarily in your content but in your attempt of not overdoing it you should not starve your content of the required keyword density either as this will make your content look artificial. Good quality content will help you in increasing the traffic to your website and achieving good page rankings in Yahoo and Google.

You should understand how the spider bots of search engines work for incorporating the necessities in your website so that it achieves first page rankings. You can also consult professionals or books for this purpose. It is important to stay on the first page otherwise you will not be found by your target consumers. Other than the primary keywords, you should also focus on Long Tail for targeting other keywords.

Experienced SEO article writers can think about focusing on some other thing for a little while such as blogging and forum participation. These are equally effective ways as compared to writing SEO articles for improving your public relations in order to boost your business. Diversifying the SEO strategy and employing other SEO areas such as tagging and marking soial books can also help in improving page ranking, readership and sales.

Hence, you must strike a balance between valuable content and SEO for pleasing search engine spider bots and humans alike. Only then can you get your business rolling on the fast street.

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