Useful SEO Articles - 5 Killer Tips for Writing SEO Articles for Home-Based Online Business Ideas

Useful SEO Tips - Read useful seo article tips for home based jobs, 5 killer tips for writing search engine optimization articles for home based business. We are also offering various outsourcing services like website designing and development, search engine optimization services, web hosting and e-commerce solution.

5 Killer Tips for Writing SEO Articles for Home-Based Business Ideas

SEO articles can be used beneficially for the benefit of home-based online business too.

5 killer tips for writing SEO articles for having an effective home-based online business are:

Keyword Selection:

Keywords are those words, which are typed by Internet users while searching for some material in search engines. The first action, which is needed to be taken before writing SEO articles, is to make a careful selection of the keywords having relevance to home-based online business ideas. They play the prime role in SEO article strategy.

The best strategy which can be adopted at this point is that of using website keywords related to home-based online business ideas as this is your targeted niche and this will publicize your article over the correct topic only. Keywords having overture demand of about 1.000 per month should be preferred as this will guarantee your home-based online business ideas and its corresponding SEO article a good page ranking in search engine results.

Review The Competition

You can check whether any other SEO articles are already available online in search engine results by typing the major keywords of the SEO article written by you over home-based online business ideas. If you find some SEO articles on this topic, it means that even SEO articles can attain good ranking with the keywords decided by us. These keywords, their density and other relevant SEO factors can be analyzed to increase your success chances.

On page SEO aspects must also be necessarily analyzed of those websites, which feature in the top 5 of search engine page rankings. If errors are found in these sites' on page SEO, the SEO article written by you over home-based online business ideas has increased chances of succeeding if it has been written along the lines of proper SEO rules. If the websites featuring in the top 5 search engine page rankings have sub-pages, your success probabilities increase furthermore.

Rules Of SEO Articles:

Selected keywords are written into the teaser, headline and bio box of SEO articles as well as into the article body for maintaining a minimum keyword density of about 6% of the total article words. Prime keywords are written into headlines with HI tag and keywords second in importance to prime keywords are written in sub-headlines with H2 tag. Major keywords can also be written in bold, underlined and italic font. These act as candies for search engines. Weaker keywords must be cast elsewhere into the article body.

As keywords of SEO articles over home-based online business ideas are usually keyword phrases, a prominent strategy would be building a chief keyword phrase of 5 words. These 5 words should also be used in building several other keyword phrases for supporting the chief keyword phrase for helping your article find more lucrative markets. For e.g. online home-based income business, business opportunity, etc.

A list covering these keyword phrases must be made for using each of them with similar density in our SEO article over that topic. This will increase the article's chances of attaining a higher page ranking.

Same Content:

Same content about home-based online business ideas should be used for submitting your article at several places like web pages, blogs, SEO articles, etc. After about a day, you can add 30% more content to your article to make it eligible for submission to article directories.

Submission Software:

Marketing is a game of numbers. Publishing of home-based online business ideas has two main objectives:

    1. Increasing website traffic.

    2. Improving search engine page ranking.

Submission softwares help in publishing the SEO articles written by you in numerous websites and directories with just one mouse click. Adopting these tips will drastically improve your success chances.

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