Portal Development Services,Portal Development Service

Rose India trading portals are so designed to provide in-depth knowledge of trading market, whether shares or commodities. The service developed by Rose India is updated on constant basis so that investors can get updated knowledge of share market.

Portal Development Services

Portal Development Services and Solutions in India

The advent of information technology has brought radical changes in the business processes. The emergence of new opportunities have compelled businesses to streamline their operations, improve inter-business interactions, optimize costs in order to sustain the global competition. The knowledge base economy has given birth to web portals so that business can be accessible from anywhere and at anytime.

Rose India delivers integrated Portal solutions that are backed with the latest technologies and conditioned to the present business needs.

Rose India provides the following website and web portal development services and solutions:

  • Social Networking and Community portal development services
  • Content Distribution Portals (Digital Docs and Media)
  • B2C and B2B E commerce Portal development solutions
  • Enterprise Information Website design and development services
  • Business Intelligence Portal Development and Management
  • Knowledge Management Portal Development Services
  • Application/Web Services Portals

Function of Portal can be divided into four major areas:

•  User interface

•  Content delivery

•  Rich set of web services

•  Portal management.

The success of any website is defined by the balanced integration of these functions. Rose India software professionals are expert in web portal development and their expertise is visible in the integrated design, development and testing web portal methodology followed at Rose India.

Rose India delivers well designed and integrated set of functional portals that includes:

•  Content Management:

Web-based administration panels, creation of full life-cycle of content, single-sourcing distribution, mash-ups, content approvals and go-live authorization

  • Digital Data Management:

Document management (authoring, version control, storage, publishing), data archive and storehouse, digital media distribution including audio and video streaming, integrated search and data mining

  • User Management

User authentication (registration/login), single sign-on, profiling, multilevel membership, user administration, user behavior tracking, reporting and analysis

  • Collaboration and Communication:

Mailing systems, web conferencing, instant messaging, Voice over IP, forums, chats, blogs, message boards, feedback forms, event calendars, electronic newsletters, polls, surveys, ratings and reviews

  • E-commerce

Product catalogues, shopping carts, auctions, billing and secure payment processing, order management, shipping, inventory management

  • Business Process Automation:

Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Workflow Management, Supply Chain Management, Accounting

  • Security

Various user privileges and access levels, personalized content distribution, data encryption

Rose India offers complete cycle of portal development services. We work closely with our clients so to first identify their business objectives, develop solution strategy and prepare detailed roadmap for Portal implementation. Based on the roadmap and architecture developed during the assessment and specification stage we deliver custom-built solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance and business and technical scalability.

The approach of Web development at Rose India consists of the following stages:

  • Strategy assessment and consulting
  • Business analysis and architecture design
  • User Interface design and usability
  • End-to-end portal application programming
  • Database design and integration
  • Integration with third-party Web Services
  • Integration with legacy business applications (like CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance and complete testing
  • Portal performance optimization and tuning
  • Portal setup, maintenance and support
  • Portal upgrades and new features enhancements

Rose India expertise on web portal development spans the following domains:

Enterprise portals or websites

An enterprise portal is web-based interface that is used by the enterprise applications, corporate databases and systems. With the help of Enterprise portals, organizations propagate their information regarding their company. This information helps users to get detailed information about the services provided by the company. Enterprise portals help to market company products and services to worldwide audience.

Community Portal Development

Community Portals are developed with an objective to establish and increase regular interaction with customers, generate market awareness for company brands promotion. With regular interaction with target audience develops a relationship between company's product and customers.

E-Marketplace Portal Development

Rose India develops e-marketplaces that bring together buyers and sellers to trade on the Net, facilitating inter-business transactions, multi-vendor catalog, bid/quote exchange, and auctions. Built using a choice of leading B2B platforms. Rose India customized solutions manage every aspect of building and operating e-marketplaces.

Enterprise Portal Development

In this age of competition enterprises were constantly juggling to provide the business information to its employees, suppliers, partners and customers. The best and effective way to reach their audience has given rise to enterprise portals. Enterprise portals provide the second generation of intranet technologies offering fundamentals like search, information taxonomy and news related to the enterprise.

Intranet Portal Development

Intranets are like the Internet but access to the facilities is restricted to one company or organization. It provides employees with a wide range of internal information including HR documents, company reports, memos, research papers, company news, client information, etc. Data is exchanged within company only and protected from the outside world.

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