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Plant Tissue Culture Company developing various types of tissue cultured plants and exporting around the world.

Plant Tissue Culture Company - Exporting Tissue Cultured plants from India

We are a Plant Tissue Culture Company having experience in developing plants with the tissue culture techniques. We have partnered with the Science and Technical laboratories for the development of plants using tissue culture techniques for the companies looking for such plants. We also export tissue culture plants around the world. We also work on the orders from the client to develop and export these plants to our esteemed clients. The Plant Tissue Culture techniques are very promising for quick development of plants in large quantities. We use the latest development in Tissue culture techniques for growing plants as per client orders.

We are using ultra-modern plant tissue culture techniques in the laboratories to culture and develop the plants, including rare plants for plantations. Our clients are taking full advantage of our/partners services for quick development of required plants. We help our clients in developing the precious fruits, crops and vegetables to clients around the world.

We are helping our clients with the high quality tissue cultured plants. Farmers, industrial and government organisations worldwide may contact us for their plant tissue culture requirements.

We use the latest technologies for the development of high quality plants with a very low level of rejects. Our technical staff are working hard to develop high quality cloned plants for our clients.

There is an increased demand for the agricultural, forestry, plantation and horticulture crops plants developed using tissue culture techniques around the world. To meet this high demand companies are using tissue culture techniques for developing high quality disease free plants. Our expert team is working with the technical staff and partners to develop the plants as per client requirements.

Due to advancements in biotechnology, tissue culture emerged as an important and viable tool for producing plants. The plants developed with this technology are high-quality, disease-free and with high-yielding potential. There is a great demand for such plants in the country and world-wide, we are helping in meeting such demand.

Moreover the plant tissue culture techniques can be used to develop plants during any season in the year.

Plant Tissue Culture is used to develop plants of:

● Banana
● Potato
● Sugarcane
● Apple
● Pineapple
● Strawberry Gerbera
● Anthurium
● Lillium
● Orchids
● Bamboo
● Date palm
● Teak
● Pomegranate
● Mango

The tissue culture techniques can be used to develop plants of almost all types. It can also be used to culture rare plants of medicinal importance.

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