PHP Outsourcing

Are you looking for an outstanding and user-friendly web application based on PHP language? Your search ends here.

PHP Outsourcing

Are you looking for an outstanding and user-friendly web application based on PHP language? Your search ends here. In Roseindia Technologies we offer global quality services in minimum prices. We have a very strong team of php developers who have developed many offshore web projects in a very short tenure.

Our skilled professionals are quite competent that can develop any sort of web applications based on PHP. They have many years of experience of development and root knowledge of PHP, which help them in analyzing and developing the applications. We understand what are the needs of the clients. We also suggest the optimum solution of the clients’ problem if they request.

We develop a wide range of web applications varying from micro to macro. We are specialized in developing static and dynamic websites, e-business, e-commerce, shopping carts, Rich Internet Applications, entertainment and gaming sites, multimedia & designing sites, small to large database driven application and blog websites.

Why to Choose RoseIndia?

There are lots of web solutions companies in the market that claim to offer offshore web solutions with international quality in most competitive prices, but ‘Are their claims true in reality? No, they only try to woo the customers and the matter becomes worse for the novice professionals who have just entered in the software market.

But, here in Roseindia, we, not only claim but proves that we offer better products in lesser prices. Our high quality product is not inferior to any giant firm’s product in terms of quality, scalability, price and usability. We develop any application with perfect planning and well-structured methodology that enable us to complete the assignment within the deadline.

We have strong web application development platform and highly analytical experts who analyze the project at initial stage and pave the way for the developers at every stage. The communication between our experts makes the task easier. We also inform to our clients about the progress of the project with certain duration and ask their crucial feedback on it.


We understand the value of our clients’ money and time, so for completing the task with higher quality and deadline, we have a disciplined methodology to perform the task. Here is the stage of our methodology:

Consultation & Analysis of the project: To understand the thorough project completely we keep on communication to our clients and carry on consultation to resolve our query. After resolving all the obstacles we analyze the project with our experts, draw a flow chat of development and follow it strictly. b

Design: We make the perfect plan to complete the assignment within the tenure of contract. After this we evaluate the capabilities of our experts and according their skills and capabilities, the tasks are delivered to them chronologically.

Implementation: All the responsible persons of the project devote their full commitment to compete the task with great quality and time period. We supply demo applications giving the client an opportunity to provide feedback.

Testing: The multi-phase testing contains the module tests, the system test responsible for the connection of the modules and the effectiveness tests performed by the client.

Handover: After completing the assignment, we hand over the well-defined software package to the client and if necessary, also assist them in installing online. Extra charges will attract if clients want to install it on its own site.

Support: By mutual agreement at the beginning of the project we will set out the length of time we will be able to help with trouble shooting and further developments on request.

At last, we want to say that we are dedicated to work closely with the customer, emphasize the quality of management and security aspect throughout the life of the project.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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