Types of Outsourcing,Types of Outsourced Services,Offshore Outsourcing and Its Type

Types of Outsourcing - Read more about types of outsourcing, offshore outsourcing services and its type. Also offering various outsourcing services like website designing and development, search engine optimization services, web hosting and e-commerce solution.

Types of Outsourcing


There are many different kinds of work outsourced. However all of these outsourcing services fall in two broad categories, technology services outsourcing and business process outsourcing. Let us examine what each of these categories mean.

Technology Services Outsourcing

The fast emerging business world of today requires companies to use sophisticated and fast computer systems and software. These technologies and systems also need to be scalable and highly adaptive. Therefore it is imperative to choose the right associate for developing these technologies. Here are some of the different categories that come under technology services.

  • eCommerce
  • Network/ Infrastructure
  • Software/ Applications development
  • Telecom
  • Web Development and Hosting

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The new global scenario requires that each company finds its own niche field that can add value to the world economy. Thus companies now try to focus their resources on areas that give maximum yield. As a spin off of this trend, service providers who focus on narrow business providers these enterprises need also emerged. Thus the term Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) came into being around 1995. The proliferation of the Internet and its emergence as a business tool helped to make BPO highly popular.

Below are the sub categories of services that come under BPO.

  • Customer Relations/ Customer Contact Management
  • Finance/ Accounting Processes
  • Logistics
  • Equipment Management
  • Security
  • Supply Chain/ Procurement Management

Apart from these, Human Resources is emerging as another highly useful outsourcing field. Healthcare, Consulting, Insurance, Documentation, Utilities, Secretarial Services, Manufacturing, News and Media are all sectors that are catching up on the outsourcing trend.

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