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Offshore Outsourcing


Offshore outsourcing has emerged a very important and popular business practice in the new millennium. Organizations across the world look at outsourcing as a way to save costs and resources. Most of these organizations from the western world give India top priority in their offshoring negotiations.

Why India?

India's edge over other countries is not difficult to explain. The Indian companies offer tasks at highly competitive rates and also produce quality work. Indians' comfort with the English language is another factor. It has become very common for Indian companies to hire special coaches and trainers to orient the employees with the western values and cultural expectations. There are well-defined timeline and quality checking processes that keep the employees on track. To sum it up all, the Indians have taken the incoming business very seriously.

The results are showing. The volume of work outsourced to India is ever on the increase. Accolades for the quality, expertise and dedication have been flowing in too. About 400 Indian companies are doing big business in the IT outsourcing business.

What is Outsourced?

A large variety of work is being outsourced. Apart from BPO and other IT/ ITES work, healthcare, E-learning, web development and several other kinds of work is being outsourced both within a country and offshore.

A unique feature of offshore services is that it has to go on 24/7, to meet the different timezones. Apart from general backoffice and process work, companies have started outsourcing specialized expertise. Programming, web design and development are some examples. The service agreements could be either short-term or long-term. Such companies outsource specialized work and concentrate time and other resources on developing their markets. However such endeavours can misfire when the buyer and vendor do not communicate regularly.

Offshore outsourcing is looked upon by many companies as a way to create a base in a foreign land. These companies may be looking to expand their operations to this country, and may want to use the outsourcing arrangement as a means of testing the grounds.

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