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Whether you are looking for creating interactive web tools, widgets, and rich media applications including media streaming Rose India offers the ultimate customised web application development services to you.

Web Application Development in India

Develop your Web Applications in India

Whether you are looking for creating interactive web tools, widgets, and rich media applications including media streaming Rose India offers the ultimate customised web application development services to you. With our industry acknowledged expertise in a host of web technologies like HTML, XMS, CSS, RSS, MySQL, ASP, PHP, etc our web application development services are always tuned to your and your customer's needs, no matter how minute or exacting they may be.

Distributed Web Applications Development in India:

For the distributed web applications development to work wonders for you by enhancing your system performance manifold it is important to understand that the functionality in this case is dispersed among several applications that may be residing on a single machine or on different computers. Web applications development architecture is the most commonly used architecture for web app development in India.

India offers the following benefits for Web Applications Development:

  • Client servers can be easily updated
  • Multiple scalable options
  • Applications can be easily reused
  • Web applications development in India has the distinct advantage of server replication
  • Web applications development in India leads to reduced application development costs
  • Easy availability and access to project experts that would not be available elsewhere

Different Technologies that are used for development of Web Applications in India include the following:

Open standards solutions : Java, EJB, RMI, IIOP, JTS/OTS, JNDI, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Security, CORBA

Microsoft based solutions: COM, COM+, Active X, Visual C++, MTS, ASP, IIS etc.

Proprietary solutions: MOMs – MQSeries and other message-oriented middleware

Leading standards used for Web Applications Development: Windows Application communication with DDE, OLE, Active X, COM, and .NET DLLs

Some of the windows applications like DDE, .NET DLL, OLE, ActiveX and COM can converse on the same machine for instance DDE, which is an older Microsoft standard is used for text exchange and command execution within other apps. The next logical step to DDE is OLE that has been transferred to ActiveX. And .NET DLL and XML web applications standards are the latest and have already replaced Com and ActiveX controls.

Distributed Web Applications Development in India:

Web servers such as IIS or Apache are usually used in usual web applications architecture along with database servers like MS SQL, Oracle, ADS and Interbase. The business rules and database server communication are performed by the web application extension whereas browser communication via the net or on private network is done by the web server.

If you need to send and receive data from employees in different branches and to the vendors and clients then web applications architecture is just the right solution for you. However for using distributed business database applications at a single site, conventional multiple-user or client/server applications option will be definitely better as the conventional option is much more quicker and robust than the best web applications.

Selecting India for Web Application Development:

India offers the unbeatable combination of skilled personnel, low costs, flexibility and superior quality for any IT development project. Many Fortune-500 companies have taken advantage of India's expertise in web application development project and have always come back for more. India offers not only state-of-the-art infrastructure but also many tax and other incentives for IT projects including web application development. Choosing Rose India for your web application development projects ensures that projects are delivered on time in a cost-effective manner. So kindly contact us for discussing ways to develop a long-lasting partnership that is mutually beneficial.

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