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The growing demand of business competition such as on-time completion of project, accessibility of skilled and trained IT professionals and cost saving has forced many IT firms to outsource their software projects offshore. Recently in a global study it is highlighted that half of all fortune 500 companies opts for offshore software development companies and it saves 40% to 60% increase in their net savings. India is emerging as one of the important offshore outsourcing place in the world because of its cost effective software solution along with availability of software talent pool combined with world-class quality offerings.

Rose India is an India based software outsourcing company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore software development services. At our Rose India Software Development center our professional teams analyzes a project and define its goals and then plan a detail methodologies to achieve those goals. Here we turn project concepts into reality after rigorous and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects. Our global software-outsourcing model makes sure that we deliver maximum-targeted result to our client.

Rose India Principles for software development outsourcing:

The core objective of Rose India software development outsourcing can be widely divided into four major categories. With these procedures Rose India executes its software development outsourcing with its clients.

•  Requirement Specification documents.

•  The Proposal Analysis document.

•  The Contract Execution document.

•  The Software Development Plan.

1. The Requirement Specification document for software outsourcing to India contains:

  • The aim: This document contains the basic objective along with details of the industry and software development team. This helps the company in having fast and simple inferences of software project in order to provide appropriate software solutions.
  • The goals: It is actually a list of the required outcome of various stages while developing software solution.
  • The consistency factor: Issues dealing with approach that has to be followed at the initial stage of a project and what are the steps are to be taken to avoid complications.
  • Support and maintenance: Support is imparted to software applications that are the part of the contract. Outsourcing company must be maintained in such a way that excellent communication network can be established.

2. The Proposal Analysis document

The Proposal Analysis documents a refine document that is proposed by the Rose India. It consists of the final output that comes out with your requisites. Time related matters while project development are discussed in details. At this stage both Rose India and its clients make their views crystal clear to each other, about their ideas, capabilities, risks, etc. involve

  • The overall scope: At this stage Rose India professed your project and your requisites. It also contains the views, limitations and suggestions from the part of the company.

3. The Contract Execution document:

After the client accepts the proposal the Contract Execution Document is prepared. This documents contains details of Intellectual property rights, delivery date, deliverables, and responsibilities of each party, terms and conditions concerning nondisclosure, payment terms and functional provided by the clients.

4. The Software Development Plan:

The Software Development Plan contains details of the resources involved and the time of completion of work at each stage. It also provides the complexities and basics that could occur during the project development and what are the corrective measures to be taken.


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