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iPhone Game Applications Development: We develop games using the iPhone SDK to deliver high end games for the iPhone that can be easily listed and distributed from the iPhone Store.

iPhone Game Applications Development

iPhone Game Development Services from Rose India

Just like the Apple iPod revolutionalized the way we listen to music and download it, the iPhone has revolutionalized mobile and handheld gaming in multiple ways. Today the iPhone and iPod combinedly have the same number of gaming enthusiasts, as do dedicated handheld gaming gadgets like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. This is no mean achievement when you consider that the iPhone is not just a gaming device, but much more. It makes sense then to develop dedicated iPhone games, which are both addictive and offer high replay value. Rose India is involved in designing and developing high quality iPhone games, both for free as well as commercial distribution.

Benefits of iPhone Game Development

There are many benefits of developing games exclusively for the iPhone. The iPhone has a striking advantage over the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, both of which are handheld gaming devices, that being primarily a phone gamers and lay users are bound to carry their iPhone in their pocket at all times and to all places. Spending more time with the iPhone also means greater time spent on playing different iPhone games. Other gaming devices lack this natural advantage of the iPhone.

Other advantages that enhance the iPhone gaming experience to the next level include the accelerometer by which gamers can play iPhone games in landscape mode to maximise their fun. Another superb iPhone feature is the touch screen, which is especially useful when playing games as gamers need not press cumbersome and forgetful buttons, rather they can just press the virtual buttons after customising them to their hearts content.

Also lest we forget, the iPhone can be always online, so iPhone gamers can always access the iPhone Application Store to download the latest games or play multiplayer iPhone games online. Games are the largest category on the iPhone App Store and account for about 60% of the iPhone application market, plus, gaming is always recession proof. If nothing else, it lifts us up from our depressing moods and financial worries.

Features of Rose India iPhone Game Development Services

Rose India can develop games using the iPhone SDK to deliver high end games for the iPhone that can be easily listed and distributed from the iPhone Store. We have also leveraged the features of the newly released iPhone 3.0 version such as the In App Purchase (IAP). The IAP allows the iPhone users to purchase a gaming add-on after purchasing the iPhone game from the iPhone Store. This will bestow additional revenue generating avenues for you by utilising the IAP strategically and selectively. We have developed many simple and basic iPhone games that have become instant hits among the iPhone gaming community.

iPhone Game Porting Services: Rose India iPhone developers have successfully mastered all game porting technologies like OpenGL and OpenAL APIs, as also DirectX APIs to successful port games from the Windows/Linux/Console platforms to the iPhone platform. We can deliver iPhone game porting services in the least time and low costs with gameplay experience that matches the one in the original game. After developing the game, our dedicated iPhone game testers test the game for any errors or inadequate gaming experience. It is only after all the processes are completed that we submit the iPhone game to the App Store for review and listing.

So look no further than Rose India for all your iPhone game development needs. Contact us for a free quote on how we can enable you to extract the maximum value from your custom iPhone game titles.

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