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Palm OS Application Development Company India

Palm is the pioneer in Personal Desktop Assistant's (PDA's) and its Palm Pilot, launched in 1996, arguably ushered in the global mobile-computing revolution. Today the Palm Treo and Palm Pre have successfully combined touch screen technology with webOS, chat, MMS, video/audio streaming, GPS to bring forth the next generation smartphones. Palm PDAs and smartphones have become quite popular today amongst the business executive as well as the young generation. It then makes sense to cater to this segment via new Palm softwares and applications custom designed to meet the emerging needs.

Rose India has successful leveraged all existing technologies and platforms to create great applications for the Palm OS. Whether you are looking for enterprise mail solutions or synchronisation between enterprise data and employee Palm handheld device, our expert team at Rose India can provide just the right solution for you in a cost-effective and efficiency maximization manner.

We offer the following Palm Application Development Services:

  • Application Porting from existing systems to Palm
  • Palm HotSync synchronization
  • Palm Multimedia application development
  • Standalone Palm software application development
  • Palm PDA mobile server and database development
  • Palm database enterprise integration services
  • Existing Palm code optimisation

We understand that the greatest benefit will accrue to you only when your workers productivity is enhanced through out customised Palm applications. Keeping this factor in mind our final Palm software applications are released only after extensive testing and user feedback.

Benefits of Palm Software Application Development

Palm handheld devices offer great value for money not just because of the quality, rather due to the increase in efficiency and productivity experienced from your employees. Palm smartphones like the Palm Pre are very useful to lookup data on the go. If ever you need to search for locations, zip codes; all you have to do is key in a few buttons on your Palm. Your Palm is just as convenient to store data on the go; you can store all types of files, images, videos, notes, calendar entries etc. on your Palm and download it all to your PC later on. It also makes good business sense to add Palm functionality to any existing application that you may have developed or are using so your clients or employees can access the application from their Palm handheld devices without having to switch back to the old device.

The highly skilled and professional staff at Rose India has mastered all technologies relating to handheld mobile devices and personal assistants like J2ME, J2EE, MDS etc to develop fully customisable Palm solutions for enterprise and commercial use. All our Palm OS application development work takes place along certain proven methodology like CMM, vTiger, and customer relationship is handled on basis of the CRM approach to deliver all our Palm solutions on time and within the budget. Also, we keep our clients involved at all stages of development of the Palm application softwares; after all, transparency is the buzzword at Rose India.


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