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J2ME is the leading mobile games development platform to create both high-end and simple games for all mobile devices. The expert J2ME professionals at Rose India have harnessed this technology for delivering next-generation games today.

Mobile J2ME Game Development

J2ME Mobile Games Development Solutions from Rose India

With the expansion of smartphones and touch screen based mobile devices to an ever expanding market mobile gaming has emerged as a highly lucrative sector for companies wanting to achieve high growth in the shortest time. Rose India is a mobile game development games company that has mastered the J2ME game application development platform to deliver immersive 3D based games for nearly all mobile OS platforms, like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and others.

J2ME is the leading mobile games development platform to create both high-end and simple games for all mobile devices. The expert J2ME professionals at Rose India have harnessed this technology for delivering next-generation games today. With our game development platform you can successfully market your J2ME based games to the ever-expanding mobile gaming market with ease.

Present days mobile content includes a wide range such as:

  • Wallpapers
  • Videos
  • Ring tones
  • Themes:
  • Screensavers
  • Cameras
  • Internet Access
  • Games
  • Song Play lists
  • 3G services

As mobile becomes the source of personal entertainment this makes the mobile game popular features. The popularity of mobile game has become a lucrative source of revenue generation for game developers and associated professionals. The research and development team cellular carriers, game publishers, and handset makers are continuously developing sophisticated game features so that potential market of mobile game can be exploited. With the number of mobile gamers around the world expected to reach 220 million by 2009, J2ME based mobile game application development has attracted big as well as small software organizations.

Mobile games can be classified into three broad categories:

  • Embedded games: These are the simple games that are hard coded into the mobile sets by the mobile manufacturing companies. These games are simple in nature and it is free for users. These games soon become outdated and obsolete. Example: Snake, shipped with all Nokia phones
  • SMS games: It is the type of games that are played by sending text messages. While playing this type of games SMS are send to game server and in return game server sends back the SMS. It is the most common features used in the live contest and polls. The cost of game increases with each SMS sent game server.
  • Browser games: using mobile phone's built-in micro browser users play these games. It can be played either online or offline mode. Players can play these games by using online third-party game services. They can also download from their websites by paying their costs. Game developing companies provides wide range of game facilities such as solo or multiplayer games, network games, offline games, arcade games etc.

The dynamic services that hold the popularity of J2ME are:

  • J2ME follows the norms of international industry standard and supported by all major handset makers. Most of the present day mobile phones are Java-enabled.
  • J2ME is a free and open platform. This keeps the cost of game development low. The J2EE is freely available for developers and this flexibility heightens its use.
  • J2EE is highly portable in nature. It means the game application written for one brand or particular handset can work with all other brands or types based on Java-enabled services. 
  • J2ME consists of the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) API that is intended specially for developing applications for mobile devices including their limitations and constraints. In addition to this the latest MIDP version 2.0 itself dedicates a whole API to game development that makes the game development simpler and quicker.

Rose India is a mobile game developer specializing in J2ME. Our services include Mobile game development, Mobile application development, M-Commerce Solutions, Testing and Porting Mobile games and Wap Portals.

Our game development service includes customized mobile game development for international brands, advertising companies and publishers. Our J2EE experts developed optimized mobile games. Our dedicated game developers develop games such as Puzzles, Platform and tile based games, 2D RPG games, racing games etc.

Rose India develops Mobile Games for various companies. We provide regular partnership for game development on cost effective pricing modules. Our recent development includes Multiplayer Mobile Game SDK which developers can integrate with their games and develop global multiplayer mobile games.

Rose India is a trusted Mobile game developer for various agencies throughout the globe. We render Game Development solution for any mobile handsets . Our long-term expertise in Core Java, J2ME, J2EE and Java XML technologies has enabled us to become proficient in mobile game development arena. Feel free to contact us and understand how we can meet you mobile gaming needs in a cost effective and time manner.

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