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Mobile Application Porting

Mobile and Application Porting Services from Rose India

Application Porting helps organizations to provide their services at minimum flux in their business and environment. The purpose of application porting is to create an application on a target platform that acts like the original version, thus making the application available to an extended market. Application porting can port software applications from any platform like Windows to Mac, Mac to Mac (Classic to Carbon to OSX), Windows to Windows and Windows to Unix / Linux. Porting may comprise application porting from one stage to another, data migration, data conversion or porting application from inherited system to new technology.

Application Porting solutions are initiated once the core necessities have been addressed and clear obligations established between a service provider and a user. Porting may include application porting from one platform to another, data migration, data conversion or porting application from inherited system to new technology. Application Porting saves cost, increases performance and reliability and also provides solutions that can be converted to a different platform and technology.

For example, from Windows Application to Linux Application, from MS Excel / MS Access to MySQL / Oracle, from MS Office / Proprietary format to XML format, and from Legacy system Java / .NET/ Web-based applications.

Rose India offers broad porting services across platforms. We offer both operator specific and handset specific porting services broadly for different mobile phones and carriers. We have set of in-house customary process for efficiently porting the mobile games and applications. In mobile game progress porting is the most vital phase where the game has to run on number of models and has to cover new models in the market.

Rose India provides cost effective and high quality porting solutions. We use a prearranged porting framework to make our porting process most effective. We have the skills for porting mobile applications in several handsets available in the market. Our porting professionals use diverse platforms and service providers to provide the porting services.

Mobile Applications are captivating due to wide spread business opportunities. We offer the methodology, staffing and management so as to have high Quality Assurance. Our experts can meet particular business challenges of our clients. We provide detailed testing applications so that our client can maximize their returns from our porting services.

Rose India Mobile Porting Testing uses following steps:

  • Functionality Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • OTA Testing

At Rose India testing a mobile application or game is mandatory to ensure that there are no distortions in applications and no malfunction for the iphone users. We supply continuous testing services that envelop business applications testing and network testing services. We offer valuable real device testing with OTA support and guarantee high quality assurance service for mobile application testing to our clients.

Rose India Analyze Requirements and Establish Acceptance Criteria while porting:

  • Identify necessities
  • Identify guarantee suites
  • Establish standard suites
  • Define presentation matrix

Rose India Setup and Validate Target Environment for Mobile Porting:

  • Clarify and setup production and build environments
  • Port simple application to validate project goal

Rose India considers following landmarks while porting JVM and API

  • Port networking and file system related APIs
  • Check I/O, HTTP and other networking services and file system services
  • Design GUI, Application logic, media and security services

Rose India Quality Assurance Testing Includes:

  • Test compliance
  • Application Coverage
  • Validate Benchmark goals
  • Analyze components of the system

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