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Rose India's Mobile Application Development Services

The present day global businesses demand proper communication between the businesses and the employees. Today information is considered as power and helps any organization to utilize global resources to their best needs. Ubiquitous access to global community is only possible through the real-time use of Wireless/ Mobile Solutions. Rose India has developed expertise in Mobile Application Development that have helped companies to improve workflow, taking customer orders, and front office record keeping.

Rose India has large experience in Mobile Application Development. Our software professional provide Mobile Application Development platform that include Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android, iPhone Mobile Website Development and iPhone Mobile Application Development.

Rose India Solutions for Windows Mobile:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Service
  • Inspections
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Work Order Management

Rose India Mobile Application Services includes:

  • Programming services on Windows Mobile Pocket PC based Devices
  • Connected and Disconnected Mode Application
  • Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle
  • SQL Mobile & Oracle Lite Support
  • Integration with Enterprise Database using XML / Replication
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0 Development
  • Mobile enabled website development
  • J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones
  • Android - Google mobile-hosted solution
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development

Rose India's iPhone based Application Development Services:

Rose India provides foremost edge for technology and IT-consulting. Our software professionals strongly focus on delivering the best, cost-effective services and solutions. The newly introduced services of iPhone Application Development help our clients to tap the potential market of iPhone services. Rose India has highly skilled team comprising of iPhone SDK programmers. We provide services for third party applications on iPhone by porting existing applications or developing fresh application on demand basis.

A perfect combination of our professional skills and experience makes us the ideal choice for your iPhone application development.

Rose India provides following services for iPhone applications:

  • Applications Developed using iPhone SDK

The iPhone SDK allows complete access to the phone including features like multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar.

  • Web-Connected iPhone Applications

Our iPhone professional design a web-connected application so to connect users to a Wi-Fi or cellular networks server. This increases their connectivity and allow user to have access from anywhere and at any time. We also develop application for user submission to a central database that allow users to download information relating to a specific query.

  • Accelerometer Enabled iPhone Applications:

We design several iPhone-based application that facilitates users to have optimum advantage of services. Our professionals use built-in LIS302DL, 3-axis accelerometer to enhance existing application functionality with device orientation awareness.

Rose India's Blackberry Mobile Application Development Services:

Rose India develops several mobile applications that are used to run various blackberry services. Our Blackberry application development team is efficient in handling services based on resident client applications, browser-based applications, MDS Studio applications, and Browser PUSH applications. We develop application of blackberry that uses device data for interaction and make full use of mobility architecture.

Rose India Blackberry developers can:

  • Transform your business idea into a complete list of system requirements
  • Perform feasibility studies to determine whether the   Blackberry platform allows the development of all   required functionality
  • Offer advice on enhancing application usability
  • Help you remain within your project budget with a   fixed price quote

Rose India Blackberry team offers Technical Expertise in:

  • Rich UI Resident Applications
  • Browser PUSH based applications
  • Reusable Device Libraries
  • Location APIs, GPS Service
  • Phone/ Device Service Access APIs

Rose India's Android Based Services:

Rose India also provides Android based Mobile Application development services. Mobile Developers use Java language for developing Android based application. Mobile Application Developers can build third party applications on Java that can run on Android Platform. Android is the framework developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Android is software platform as well as Operating System. It is basically designed on Linux Operating system.

We have a proficient expertise in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

Android provides vast area of Application services such as:

  • Communication application
  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Travel Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Utility application
  • Security applications

Our Android professionals develop WiFi and GPS dependent applications for Android Platform. Android has rich support for Audio / Media types and Graphics. It has rich support of its core library for developers to build third party applications.


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