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Software Application Development Services for Blackberry

Blackberry is a popular business smartphone developed by Research in Motion (RIM). Blackberry phones have gained in popularity due to the availability of push-email services that are required by executives when away from their work. Apart from accessing email from company email systems most Blackberries also double up as mobile phones. In fact today some Blackberry models are being marketed as all-in-one phones with rich multimedia features apart from the regular enterprise mail solutions.

Rose India is a Blackberry software applications developer with years of experience in providing enterprise class solutions involving push email, calendar, data synchronisation, mobile meeting and more.
Rose India develops Blackberry OS application on the Blackberry J2ME and MDS platforms and our Blackberry services include the following:

  • Custom Blackberry Software Application Development
  • Blackberry E-Commerce Solutions
  • 3 rd Party Application Porting on Blackberry Devices
  • Blackberry Games Development
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Blackberry
  • VoIP Solutions for Blackberry Smartphones
  • Blackberry GPS Applications Solutions
  • Blackberry Client/Server Application Development
  • Blackberry Porting and Handset Testing Solutions
  • J2ME to Blackberry Migration Services

Blackberry OS application development services are in great demand as more that 14 million people worldwide rely on their Blackberry devices, whether PDA's, smartphones or both, to stay in touch with work, their clients, and receive information on the move. Blackberry devices are the leading name in secure, user-friendly wireless access to enterprise email, calendar, messages, videos, board meetings and much more. Rose India also offers fully integrated Blackberry solutions for Location Based Services (LBS) that are hugely popular today. Blackberry offers many LBS like GPS navigation, e-commerce applications, vehicle tracking, friend finder and much much more. All these complex services require robust application and delivery environment, both of which are ensured at Rose India.

Popular Blackberry phones include the Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold. Rose India has proven expertise in custom software application development for both Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold. Apart from these two models, Rose India has also developed custom applications for Blackberry Storm, the latest touch screen smart phone from the RIM stable. In addition to touch screen, the Blackberry Storm also features the accelerometer, which was made immensely popular by the iPhone. Rose India has developed unmatched expertise in developing Blackberry applications for both these applications using the J2ME and MDS technologies.

While touch screen and accelerometer applications are just starting out, we have developed rich, user-friendly applications for Blackberry OS, including, GPS based applications, media player, video/audio streaming, maps, push email, and web browser. Rose India has professional Blackberry application developers who have built custom Blackberry softwares from scratch according to our clients needs, whether enterprise based or market based.

If you are looking for an offshore Blackberry application-outsourcing partner, you need not look beyond Rose India. We can provide just the right Blackberry solutions to you, including Blackberry consultancy services, for all your enterprise needs, no matter how big or small


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