iPhone Applications Testing

iPhone 3GS is the advanced version of iPhone 3G, which Apple inc had released in 2007. With the launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple continues to dominate the smart phone market.

iPhone Applications Testing

Developing applications for Apple's iPhone is an exciting and interesting experience for everyone. But after developing the applications, there is a need to test the apps on logical and functional point of views. The giant firms, which develop Apple's, own apps have a separate testing unit, but small and medium enterprises hire a testing firm to test their product. There are very few testing firms that have a standard iPhone-testing laboratory, especially in India where the testing labs can be counted on fingers.

A standard testing firm has a standard iPhone Apps Test Lab. Roseindia Technologies has its own testing lab that tests the apps from different aspects. We have an expert team of stress testers who can test the iPhone apps from Basic Test and from Unit Tests. The Basic Test covers all the main features and configuration while in Unit Test, the apps undergoes in XCode.

The BAT covers three stage procedures: Installation Logistics, Defect Characterization and Debugging Information.

A unique ID is essential for each device to install the apps on iPhone in Installation Logistics procedure as Apple controls the installation procedure and it is not allowed to install the apps without unique ID. We properly check the app's unique ID and also try to install on an iPhone dummy.

The second step of BAT testing is Defect Characterization process that is very similar in the process of testing the other devices but the main challenge is different environment of iPhone. Each device has multiple connectivity options and we test it in all manners. After it the third process begins in which we use SDK to debug the apps. This process is called as Debug Information, which has different criteria of debugging of different product.

Unit Testing

XCode is used in Unit Testing. It is already configured for unit testing and doesn't need to install additional software. Unit Testing is a way of writing code in which the test cases have been written before writing the code to be tested. Unit testing is written in Xcode suits that provides a flexible environment to check the data in all means. We use logic test pattern and application test pattern to test the apps.

Our complete testing process will ensure you that your iPhone app is ready to send to Apple Inc for approval. So if you want to develop any application, but have not testing lab, contact to us and leave the stress. We will revert you with compete and modified product very soon.

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