iPhone 3GS Programming

iPhone 3GS Programming

iPhone 3GS is the advanced version of iPhone 3G, which Apple inc had released in 2007. With the launch of iPhone 3GS, Apple continues to dominate the smart phone market. When iPhone 3G was released, it had created storm in the market, while the improved version of iPhone 3G has gained immense popularity as it has removed various short comings of iPhone 3G and included the features of general mobile phones like multimedia messaging service, video recording and voice dialling.

The new version of iPhone 3GS came with over hundreds of new features like iPhone OS 3.0 the world's most advanced mobile operating system, Cut, Copy and Paste, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard, 3 Mega pixel camera with auto focus facility, long battery life and several other amazing features.

The iPhone 3GS is faster and much improved while most appraising service is longer video recording facility. Due to its video recording facility, iPhone 3GS is known as videophone while iPhone 3G is famous as internet phone. iPhone 3GS includes latest version of Software Development Kit, SDK 2.2.1 and bigger memory size of 16 GB to 32 GB as against 8 GB to 16 GB memory in iPhone 3G.

The Apple's iPhone not only came with advance features but also included advance technologies including programming scripts. Many firms and individuals are keen to learn and apply those technologies, but only few of them could able to get success.

Learning about the used technology in iPhone is the hotcake among the programmers, but due to the lack of source, they aren't getting it. But Roseindia has talented and expert professionals of iPhone 3GS programming, who have deep knowledge of all the latest technologies used in iPhone 3GS.

Learn iPhone 3GS programming with us. We offer you the latest update and emerging technologies in iPhone 3GS. For building an application for iPhone 3GS, you will have to learn Object-oriented concept and programming, Objective C and iPhone SDK. Our iPhone professionals are quite capable to tech you the latest iPhone technologies and they will help you in working under industrial environment.

We have also a developer team that develops the apps for iPhone 3GS. The team of our developers are highly skilled, talented, quick learner and proficient in their field. They have developed several small apps for iPhone and currently working on an outstanding project, which will definitely hit the market when it is launched.

Our developing team includes objective C programmers; COCOA and COCOA touch developers, XHTML, DHTML, AJAX programmers and expert graphic designers including 2D and 3D graphics. They use the latest technology, which matches the environment of iPhone 3GS.

Our expert coders, write programs for iPhone apps, game for iPhone 3GS, fun tool for iPhone 3GS, multimedia software of iPhone, business applications for iPhone 3GS, entertainment apps for iPhone 3GS and many more.

So, post your request, if you want to develop any app for iPhone 3GS, or want to learn and develop yourself. We also offer offshore developing service for iPhone 3GS; the interested firm can also hire our iPhone developers on contract basis. All your query would be solved here, you need to just post your request by filling up ‘Quote Request’ form given on the right side of the page, we will communicate you within two working days.


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