iPhone Native application

Apple iPhone brings revolution in the world of mobile phones. iPhone has set a platform to develop innovative mobile applications that heightens the usability of mobile phone.

iPhone Native application

Apple iPhone brings revolution in the world of mobile phones. iPhone has set a platform to develop innovative mobile applications that heightens the usability of mobile phone. With the accessibility of iPhone one can develop a wide range of applications based on the need, demand and innovation. iPhone considered as the influential and strong tool in present generation of smartphone.

Native application are those application that runs directly on iPhone hardware without any external support. These applications take benefits of the wide range of hardware modernization that come with the iPhone. These innovations include support for multi-touch, hand gestures, iPhone camera, accelerometer and the built in GPS.

A deep and strong knowledge of developing platform is essential for designing and developing native application. Before developing any apps, the customer's point of view is extremely crucial as finally he/she gives the feedback of the developed product. As per the term native refers, adapting an application from another platform does not work on iPhone whereas all native application features have to be assembled in the specific manners.

The developing native application for iPhone is considered as harder in the comparison of web application development. Native programming development for iPhone needs strong command over the syntax of objective C. The syntax of objective C helps you in developing programs based on the users demand. This also helps developers in developing programs in most innovative way.

While developing iPhone native application developers need to have Apple hardware and Software development Kit (SDK) that runs on Mac OS X. Though the SDK comes inbuilt with an iPhone simulator but lots of features don't run on iPhone like accelerometer and multi-touch support. Those need other tools like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch API.

There are two big technologies that developer need to master in order to build iPhone native applications. These are Cocoa and Objective-C.

Cocoa: is the platform and the Application Programming Interface (API) that exposes for you to access the low-level iPhone functionality. Apart from this Cocoa also provides the infrastructure to build simple form based applications for the iPhone. As Apple provides exhaustive documentation on the Cocoa API, it is pretty simple to get started on.

Objective-C:is the alternative of the popular C language that is used for the iPhone development. Objective-C is similar to C or C++ apart from the method it functions and message passing. Message passing or the way Objective-C arrangement functions are a much more object oriented or way of programming but the syntax takes time to get used to.Apart from Cocoa and Objective-C incase your native application is heavy in graphics as in case of games then developers need to use Open GL to build the graphics part. Open GL is an open source graphics library and is supported on the iPhone.

The native iPhone developers need hardware like camera, accelerometer, SDK, Mac etc. and Open GL for developing heavy graphical features like games. One of the big questions that new iPhone developers face is whether to build web applications or to build native applications for the iPhone.

The main benefit of native application is that developers can list their developed application to the Apple Store known as iTune. The iTune offers an immediate distribution of your application directly to all iPhone owners across the world. Developers can charge iPhone users for taking their subscription via Apple Stores and can earn handsome return on their application based on its demand and popularity.

Developers can also list their web applications on a web applications directory on the apple web site, but this has not been a big enough source for distribution for any web app developers till now. Developing web application for iPhone is a not an easy task and can take few weeks while building same thing as iPhone native application can take around months.

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