iPhone Development

iPhone Development

Apple Inc. in June 2007 had created a revolution by launching an incredible internet mobile phone, iPhone that had some amazing features like virtual keyboard, wireless internet connection through 3G spectrum technology. Its' sleek and compact outlook is fascinating and its graphics and memory is wonderful. Since, its launching in the market, iPhone had surpassed all the smart phone available at that time and still incredible as well at present.

Apple had slapped some restriction on iPhone's software, in which Apple's cryptographic signature was essential for designing and developing software and all the developed software must be made for running on Mac OS X platform only. But on June 11, 2007 at WWDC meeting, Apple announced to allow third party applications written in Ajax for running on iPhone, but the third party apps were must have same feel and look of iPhone interface.

On March 06, 2008 Apple had officially announced that iPhone SDK and iPhone simulator would be made available to third party developers for developing and testing native applications that were scheduled to store in Apple?s iTune, a software storing site of Apple in which Apple Inc. charges a membership fee. After paying the Apple Developer Connection membership fee, developers are free to set the prices of their product. The Apple Inc. shares 30% profit of the product while remaining price goes to the developers.

In other option, developers can also store the native apps at free of cost, and Apple would not charge for it except membership fee. However, the fee is not a big amount; only mere $10, which is quite affordable. After submitting an apps in iTune, Apple takes full control of its distribution and marketing.

Since then, a trend begins for developing native applications and this results into thousands of native apps available on the Apple's iTune store. You can download Music, movies, ringtones, video, photos, applications, or post the same on to iTune too.

Roseindia Technologies, a prestigious and fastest growing IT company in India is also developing several versatile and innovative iPhone apps including astrology, numerology, horoscope, music, fun video, television on iPhone, lottery results, ringtones, talent compatibility tests, chess, poker, ridicules, puzzles, number game, word search, Tic, Tac Toe 4, live news from several online news portals, news reader software, news of different website, live news on iPhone, live television news on iphone, baby names finder, IQ mobile search, photo finder, and content search engine, free iTracking, GPS based searching, and website conversion apps.

Our software professionals are experts in outstanding coding of all available tools and interfaces like iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), Cocoa Touch/ Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Core Audio, Media Player Framework, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Threading, Webkit Programming, Secure Coding, Accelerometer and GPS. They have vast experience in developing software for Mac OS X. The previous experience is supporting us in designing and developing apps, software and web apps for the iPhone

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