iPhone Development in India

iPhone Development India

iPhone Development in India

In June 2007, the Apple Inc had launched an incredible mobile in United States with the tag name of 'iPhone' that had faster wireless internet via 3G technology and virtual keyboard. With the launching of the product, iPhone gained unbelievable fame not only in US but also in the whole world while it was not officially launched in worldwide.

In July 2008, Apple announced to introduce that amazing product in the international market. With introducing iPhone in the market, Apple had also introduced several exclusive apps and tools that had enhanced the value of iPhone. All the introduced product for iPhone were stored in Apple's store kit available on the official website with the tag name of 'iTune'.

First, only Apple was launching software and apps for iPhone, but later it allowed others to develop software and apps for iPhone that support Mac OS X. Since then, a trend of developing apps for iPhone begin and growing with rapid pace, but only few selective IT firms in the world have been able to develop software and apps for iPhone. Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a renowned Delhi based IT firm is the newest in the list which has developed the capabilities to develop the novel and ground-breaking software, web apps and apps for iPhone.

Roseindia Technologies is an expertise company of India that designs and develops latest tools and applications for websites. For developing apps for iPhone, we have hired some highly skilled professionals who have strong experience in software development for Mac OS X. For developing of incredible tools and product, we have a comprehensive range of coders on all the framework and APIs of iPhone.

Roseindia Technologies is the fastest emerging software company in India that develops applications, web apps and tools for iPhone. We have worked on developing for scientific calculator, Currency Conversion Calculator, astrology, numerology, Horoscope, talent compatibility tests, and several multimedia entertainment web apps, Chess, Poker, Ridicules, puzzles, number game, word search and Tic, Tac Toe 4 and several other online games. In news web apps, Live television news on iphone, live news from several online news portals, News Reader software while in Search tool. We have developed Baby Names Finder, IQ Mobile Search, photo finder.

We are specialized in custom web apps like, e-commerce, e-business, game, news, online reservation, online transaction, shopping cart and calculators. Our experts are well versed in coding of all suits of iPhone including iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), Cocoa Touch/ Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Core Audio, Media Player Framework, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Threading, Webkit Programming, Secure Coding, Accelerometer and GPS.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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