Website design for iPhone

Developing Web apps for iPhone or any other mobile phone is a different task and not so easy as developing web apps for desktop.

Website design for iPhone

When the iPhone was first revealed it was certainly a step forward in mobile phone technology. The iPhone is an internet-connected, multimedia smartphone, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Introduction of iPhone revolutionize the global market of mobile technology and its proliferation helps users to access most web pages exactly as they would appear on a personal computer. With iPhones being increasingly available to people more and more, people are hooking themselves with this. This is significant for e-business owners because more people use the iPhone to surf the net than any other mobile browser. IPhone has set of cool features like slick appearance, powerful computing capabilities, beautiful display and touch navigation. These embedded features have captured the imagination of potential users as well as technology developers.

Guidelines for Building a Site for iPhones:

  • Test on as many phones as you can: The first thing you should do is to view your site on a cell phone or 10 different cell phones. While there are some emulators out there, they really don't give you the same feel as trying to navigate through a Web site on the tiny little screen.
  • Make your pages degrade gracefully: You can write your pages for Flash-enabled, wide screen browsers, but make sure that the provided information is visible even in a tiny monitor that can handle no special features like cookies, Ajax, Flash, JavaScript, etc.
  • Build a wireless specific page - and make it easy to find: If you're going to build a specific page for your cell phone and wireless customers, make it available. It is advised to put the link to the wireless page at the top of your document, and then hide that link from non-handheld devices using the handheld media type. After all, most people come to your home page, even on cell phones and if the link to your wireless page isn't there, they'll leave page.
Web Page Layout for iPhones
  • Remember that the screen is tiny: Web pages that have multiple thin columns work better on cell phones than Web pages with one large column. The narrower the content is on your normal page, the less it will have to shrink to fit a cell phone window.

  • Divide pages into small unit: It is difficult to read long section of text on a cell phone so put them on multiple pages that makes them easier to read.
Links and Navigation on iPhones
  • It is suggested to keep links shorter because typing long URLs is tedious task.

  • Page through screens and screens of links to find the information are annoying for the user. It is suggested to have things that show up the content and headline and below that navigation links can be placed.

  • Access keys plays prominent role for mobile website. If users get into the habit of using access keys on your Web pages then your mobile site will rise enormously.
Images on iPhones
  • The images for iPhone should be small. The small size image takes few seconds to download that benefits for end-users. The facility of zoom can help the users to set image size.

  • Images take up a lot of space on Web pages while viewing them from an iPhone. They look nice and better when images viewed on a full-screen on Web browser.

  • It can be boring to wait for an image that takes up 3-4 screens to load at the very top of the iPhone page. While, this is extremely common on Web pages.

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