Web Development for iPhone

Web Development for iPhone

Web Development for iPhone

Developing Web apps for iPhone or any other mobile phone is a different task and not so easy as developing web apps for desktop. A web app for iPhone needs special characteristics and developers must keep those characteristics in their mind while developing any site for iPhone web apps.

Apple’s iPhone web apps run on only Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS X) platform, which is coded in Unix OS. Moreover, developers must have keep in mind that the developed web apps must also support iPhone’s safari browser to keep it maximum reach.

Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an esteemed Delhi based software development company is quite capable of creating web apps for iPhone as we have a strong team of skilled professionals who can develop several outstanding sites from personal micro sites to giant database driven sites able to run efficiently on all browser of iPhone.

Our experts have vast experience in coding of iPhone’s all framework and APIs and they had developed several web apps for Mac OS X. The long experience and the analytical skill of developing the site helps us to develop custom website for iPhone in which we are super specialist.

Before plotting the sketch of preparing the site, our developers always follow some crucial factors essential for developing any site for iPhone. These are:

Our developers keep less content in the iPhone web apps so that it can run efficiently on the iPhone. Their coding are also very compact thus reduces the time of downloading and rendering.

They write the codes that support the Safari browser and Mac OS X which is the base part of iPhone software. Thus our developer’s sites run smoothly and fluently on the wonder phone.

We also keep lesser content viewing the smaller screen of iPhone in the comparison of desktop so that it looks perfect and easy to visible. The lesser content prevent from much scrolling which makes uneasy to the users.

We also put lesser input screen, smaller and lighter version of image, and put complex calculation on server side as iPhone’s GPRS or EDGE connection is not so faster as broadband internet connection. Moreover the memory of iPhone is also not so high as desktop’s memory, so viewing this we also keep short the length of data of Client Server Communication.

We try to email the heavy data after asking the email address to the user as downloadable files in audio, video, graphics and heavy database format takes much time in downloading and reduces the speed of website.

We keep the refresh rate lesser for dynamic pages as frequently refresh rate put heavy burden on internet speed.

We always keep in mind that iPhone site runs on iPhone’s wireless internet connection which used GPRS or EDGE technology.

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