IoT Application Development Company

  • We are IoT Application Development Company providing world class application development solution.

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IoT Application Development Company

We are IoT Application Development Company providing world class application development solution.

IoT(Internet of Things) Application Development Company

Rose India is leading IoT Application Development Company in India providing application development services for Internet of Things. We offer application development service for Internet of Things (IoT) that can integrate data from various sensor sources into Data Lake. Further data can be analyzed real-time or through batch process.

We are helping business to deploy IoT solution in their business in very less time and at very cost effective manner. Our application development service will help you in deploying IoT into your business and take full advantage of this technology. We are expert developer of IoT applications and IoT mobile applications.

IoT is new technology which allows all the devices to be connected through Internet. We offer application development services using latest IoT, Big Data and Data Science technologies, which makes every application a successful application.

We are here to help you in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining IoT applications for you business. As a part of development process we also setup Data Lake to ingest and analyze all the data collected from sensors and various other devices of your choice in your network.

Our team of expert architect, application developer, IoT experts, Big Data engineers, Data Scientist and testing team works together to make your application successful.

Development of IoT application needs a team of engineers of various technological skills, we have team with various skills for embarking on IoT application development projects.

IoT Application Development Company

We are expert in developing IoT application that connects to various types of sensors and MQTT Servers. We have experience in working with WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee and NFC devices.

We are following high standards of software development process to deliver quality products to our client.

Our IoT application development areas:

  • IoT applications for Agriculture
  • IoT applications for Smart Cities
  • IoT applications for Industry
  • IoT applications for Social Needs
  • IoT applications for Insurance
  • IoT applications for Office
  • IoT applications for Business
  • IoT applications for Manufacturing
  • IoT applications for Home
  • IoT applications for Data Mining
  • IoT applications for Genetic Engineering
  • IoT applications for Gas Chromatography
  • IoT applications in Education
  • IoT applications in Automotive
  • IoT applications in Transportation
  • IoT applications in Oil and Gas
  • IoT applications for Healthcare Industry
  • IoT applications for Patient Monitoring
  • IoT applications for Clinical Efficiency
  • IoT applications for Biometrics
  • IoT applications for Fitness Wearables

As per the various industry researches IoT market will touch $11.1 trillion by 2025. So, there will be huge demand of IoT professionals to manage software system. We are well equipped with the knowledge and resources to develop applications for our client.

We also integrate IoT applications with Big Data for storing and analyzing data to get real insight of the data.

Contact us further for IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data application development services.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.