GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

Global Positioning System (GSM) enables the users to probe their vehicles on real time basis in the fleet. The individuals or transport companies can continuously track the routes, speed and actual position of their vehicles in the huge traffic or in the twilight zone too. Since the availability of GPS system for commercial use, the transport companies have adopted it most to keep on vigil on their vehicles for the safety of the company?s asset.

The vehicle owner can track the actual position of the vehicles if those are equipped with GPS device. The GPS device sends radio frequency at regular intervals (1 or 2 minutes), which comes to receivers of the system via reflecting from the satellite.

Earlier, in the absence of GPS system, the companies had to bear the huge loss in terms of vehicle theft, or driver?s sluggishness, or misleading the path. Now the companies or vehicle owner can not only keep eye on the position of the vehicle but also guide the driver the right path in case of misleading. Emergency service can also be send in time if the company knows the actual position of the vehicles. Thus, GPS service is proving the boon for the transport companies.

Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a reputed Delhi based software development company is offering a real time GPS Vehicle Tracking Service to individuals and to corporate companies to keep eyeing on their vehicles. Roseindia Technologies has gained rich experience in GPS technology within five years. The company has developed its own vehicle tracking software that probe the vehicle at real time with finest accuracy. Our GPS software is easy to understand and very handy to use.

For the corporate companies, which do want to equip the GPS device on their vehicles, but not have efficient software can contact to us. We will develop a flawless customize software that will provide the best probing service in real time. We also provide round the clock and round the calendar customer care service to our clients.

We have a strong team of GPS software developers that have depth knowledge and vast experience in developing GPS software. All our professionals are very proficient, dedicated and disciplined in their work. They know the value of our customer?s time and investment. That?s why, they tries to complete their assignment within the deadline with finest accuracy.

Order now, to develop a customize GPS vehicle tracking system to ensure the safety of your vehicles. You just need to fill up the ?Quote Request? form given on the right side of the page and post your query in it. We will revert you within two working days.


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