GPS Lost Mobile Phone Tracking Services

GPS Lost Mobile Phone Tracking Services

Now a day?s mobile phones are not only a way of making calls and SMS but have become a powerful multitasking gadgets that fulfill the requirements of other sorts of gadgets like music player, video recorder, gaming gazettes, web surfing, instant chatting and many more. All these features enhance the value of your mobile phone. So, it is very essential for you to keep eyeing your mobile phone from theft and from being misused.

To prevent this, advanced and expensive mobile phones are coming in the market with Inbuilt mobile tracking system based on GPRS system but they are not so accurate as the GPRS based mobile tracking system works on the basis of nearest mobile tower which can vary in distance, and offer lower grade of service while on the other hand, the Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking system works through satellite system, which provides more accurate results, and various companies are offering this service either free of cost or at very low subscription basis.

Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading Software Development Company of India is also offering this very beneficial service at free of cost (*conditions apply). We have developed a mobile tracking software that can be downloaded from our website at free of cost. After downloading the software, users need to activate this. The activation process asks for the activation code, which we generate and sends, on the mobile of the subscriber.

Our subscription charges are very low while our GPS Lost Mobile Tracking Services provides higher accuracy. Our GPS Lost Mobile Tracking Software is free available to install and you can install it on your GPS enabled mobile handset.

For using our GPS based lost mobile tracking service, you must have a GPS enabled mobile handset, a GSM connection and GPRS or Edge based internet connection on your mobile. We offer GPS lost mobile tracking software at free of cost to install on your mobile phone while we charge nominal monthly fee for providing you flawless, uninterrupted GPS lost mobile tracking service with finest accuracy.

We also offer to develop a GPS lost mobile tracking software for the corporate companies that want to equip all their handsets delivered to their employees. This will enable it to pin point the actual location of their employees and they can catch them red handed if anyone will tell a lie.

We have a strong team of dedicated, talented and experienced GPS lost mobile tracking software that has already developed several customized software for our offshore clients. Our proficient GPS lost mobile phone tracking software developers keep eyeing round the clock and round the calendar on our subscribers? mobile.

We have special offers for the corporate companies which want our GPS subscription service at bulk level.

So, what are you waiting for, order us now by filling up the ?Quote Request Form? given on the right side of page and fill up your requirements, we will revert you within two working days.


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