GPS Child Tracking System

GPS Child Tracking System

Protect your child from being abduction, molestation and abusing through using our GPS Child Tracking System, which enables the parents to continuous vigil of their children. The parents can now easily track their children?s movement and activities and ensure their safety by sketching out the safe boundary line, if the child goes beyond the boundary line, they will get the warning alerts.

Using our GPS child tracking system, parents can be carefree about the safety of their children despite being busy in their hectic job schedule. Our GPS child tracking system not only helps you in navigating your child?s path but also inform you about breeching the norms of GPS system by giving you high alert signals.

In case of any emergency, your child can get quick assistance if he/she presses the SOS button of the GPS child tracking system. As soon as he/she presses the SOS button, you will get the real time emergency alarm of ?Help Me?, and you can take the most appropriate action to save your child.

The problem regarding the safety of your children becomes more serious if he/she is suffering from chronic physical or mental diseases like congenital heart defect, epilepsy, autism, or any mental disorder. In that case, you can take some emergency steps if you get the emergency alarm signal.

But before taking the GPS Child Tracking Service, you should first know about the GPS system and how a GPS Child Tracking System works?

A GPS Child Tracking System is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which functions through the satellite systems, which were deployed on the orbits of the earth. Those satellites continuously send the signals that are received by the receptors on the earth, which calculate the current position of any object by latitude and longitude. Once the GPS device knows its own position, it can help the user in determining the direction and distance to other locations.

The GPS system is dominantly used by US Defence Department while now it is also made available for commercial use in the world. Several transport companies including shipping and air cargo companies use this technology to track the real position of their vehicles/ships/cargoes.

One step ahead, now GPS tracking system is available for tracking the individuals to help them in case of emergency. A GPS equipped individual can get quick and appropriate help if he/she presses the SOS button in time.

The GPS Child Tracking System service is available in Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at very affordable prices. We also offer the GPS child tracking software to any desirable company that wants to launch the GPS devices for commercial purpose. Our GPS Child Tracking System offers you the real time signals and alarms and you can get the actual position of your children on your computer or multimedia GPRS enabled mobile phone at the interval of one minute.

Roseindia also deals in offshore GPS Child Tracking Software Development 1 solutions on contract basis. Our expert GPS tracking system software developers are always ready to get hired for developing GPS child tracking software for the companies. They are very talented, dedicated to their works and respect the business of our client.

Our GPS Child Tracking System is enabled with 3D earth map that provides you most accurate position of your child at a regular interval of one minute. It is programmed to send the emergency signal and alarm to any five nearest persons of the child, who can reach to destination at the shortest period of time or can take the appropriate action without losing a second.

Our expert programmers of GPS software system have deep knowledge and vast experience in Java programming, and a panel of navigators are also the part of our development team who help them in developing the code.

Our GPS child tracking system software provides you real time positioning system with finest accuracy and our charges are least in the market. Our GPS child tracking device is also available at very affordable prices, which makes you carefree regarding the safety of your child.

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