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Flex Outsourcing

Flex is a new but powerful open-source framework that allows users to create highly interactively visually rich and customize solutions. Due to being new and complex technology it is not a cup of coffee for everyone to develop applications on flex. With the help of flex technology, several multimedia and business applications can also be developed.

If you are newbie in software field or unknown about using this technology but want to develop a new website or application can look for a deserving outsourcing firm. Those who know much about this technology but not quite efficient and want to develop an outstanding application can also contact to any renowned firm. Many companies for the purpose of saving time and money usually go for outsourcing on flex technology.

But looking for a trustworthy outsourcing firm is not an easy task and you can loose your precious money by hiring a less competent outsourcing firm. It is advisable to crosscheck the claims of the outsourced firms before assigning the project. An outsourced firm must have ample resources, experienced, flair and dedicated team of flex development and remarkable history of completing the task within the deadline and small charges.

So if your looking for a perfect outsourcing firm that return the value of your investment, Roseindia Technologies is the answer. Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a Delhi based extremely esteemed software Development Company that develops simple to very complex applications in various technologies including flex.

We have a specialized team of efficient, dedicated and experienced professionals that can develop a wide range of website and applications. Our proficient flex developers are quite capable to develop all sorts of customized applications that meet the demands of our clients.

We develop web application (WebApps), online chat, video streaming application using video streaming server and client and Spring-powered Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex as the front-end client. We are also specialized in Business applications and systems (visually displayed through dynamic charts and graphs, and update your information whenever necessary with auto refresh facility), video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions, CRM and ERP systems and standalone custom solutions.

We develop highly interactive web solutions, including e-commerce, programming using Flex Builder and Eclipse, Flex-based digital signage allowing you to use visually rich and dynamic content which can be easily updated and adapted to a particular environment, Flex and Adobe AIR programming and MXML and ActionScript development.

Moreover our flex developing team is efficient in Flex/Flash programming, Server-side programming with the usage of PHP, Java or Spring, Client-side programming and Flash designing.

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We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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