Flex Web Development

Flex Web Development

With the growth the internet technology and web world system, the standard of website has dramatically changed from simple plain page format to Rich Internet Application (RIA) pages. With the inception of Adobe Flash platform, web pages have gained great changes in outlook, design and technology.

The Adobe Flash platform allows the programmers to develop a Rich Internet Application page using Adobe Flex software. Adobe Flex is a software development kit used for developing an interactive cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Adobe Flex applications can be complied using the freely available Flex compiler or using Adobe Flex Builder provided by Adobe System.

Now, RIA websites have become so popular over the years that it has become the prime demand of entertainment, shopping cart and game websites. Now, other categories of websites are also adopting the Flex technology to attract more traffic. A Flex website comprises from RIA designing properties and flash content. The users have a rich experience of using interactive website made on Adobe Flex Web.

The Flex technology can be interacted with the other programs too making it more lucrative and functional. Flex is a free, open source framework that creates shockwave files containing extension to .swf that are rendered by Flash player. Flex applications are delivered on the web via the Flash Player or to the desktop via Adobe AIR.

Flex applications are convenient, integrated and very flexible that can fulfill the requirements of your business. It is modelled on XML and ECMAScript enables developers to build reusable rich interactive components. Flex applications are delivered on the web through the Flash Player or to the desktop via Adobe AIR.

Creating a website on Flex is an interesting experience but it needs experience and knowledge of the Flex, JavaScript and other programming language that is integrated with it. Roseindia has the experts of Flex developers who have robust knowledge in Flex technology. We have a proficient team of many other programming languages to amalgamate it and to build Flex Web applications.

Our Flex Web Developers are quite handy in creating RIA based applications including flex shopping carts, flex e-commerce applications, flex content management system, Flex tutorial, Flex animations, Flex entertainment, Flex cars and bikes selling websites, Flex text/audio/video chat and Flex enterprise applications.

We integrate Flex front-end with mostly Open source CMS Joomla, drupal while we can also integrate it with other software as per our client?s demand. In Shopping Cart solutions, we integrate X-Cart, Zen-Cart in front-end solutions whereas on server-side technologies we use PHP and Java. We can also use other programming languages if the customer demands it.

if you want to enhance your business and attract more and more traffic, order us now to create a lucrative and sticky Flex Website. You can post your request by filling up ?Quote Request? Form given on the right side of the page.


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